Chapter Four: Unexpected Turn of Events

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First of all, I feel I should warn you all- things get a little... macabre in this chapter. Nothing bad enough to send people into hysterics or hyperventilation (unless you are an extremely nervous individual, in which case I suggest you visit a doctor) but still pretty bloody. So get ready to be disturbed by the strangely violent inner workings of my mind. You have been forewarned.

Well, enjoy!

P.S. this was pre written, which is why I'm posting it. My account is still on hiatus until exams are over.

- - -

Chapter Four: Unexpected Turn of Events

I could feel the saliva building up in my mouth at the gentle aroma that filled the air around me. Danna shut the door behind him with a slam, pushing the scent to further cloak my senses. I stared at the food- it was just the basic (and cheapest) groups; bread, fruit, cheese. I supposed, though, that I was probably lucky to be getting fed at all.

My stomach growled, and I picked up the whole plate. My hands were shaky from spending such a long time immobile- and eating so little. I smelled it carefully, and it seemed fine; if anything that only worsened my hunger pains. But you could never be too careful. Some poisons were odourless, and he had mentioned something about an experiment. What if this was it?

Though it pained me to do so, I quickly threw the food out of the window that Danna always left open. Luckily, my aim (for once) didn't fail me, and it all sailed outside.

I couldn't say how long I sat there, lost in my subconscious, if I tried.The nauseous feeling in my stomach told me that the worst was yet to come, but my mind dwelled on my home and my friends and family- had they noticed that I was gone? Were they worried about me?

Did they care at all?

With that cold and lonely thought rattling in  my brain and chilling my heart, the door swung open, revealing the dearly hated captor of mine.

Surprise flickered over his expression before it was back in that well crafted blank mask again, leaving me doubtful that I had seen the emotion or that he was capable of feeling anything at all. He cameand took the plate, setting it on the white desk, and I began to get the feeling that if I saw anymore white objects I would probably lose my sanity. As he walked into the bathroom, he said "Drink."

When I was certain that the Akatsuki baastard wasn't looking, I struck my hand out, knocking the glass over. The water spilled out onto the floor, and I yelped. Danna was back in the room like a shot "What happened?"

I forced worry and shock into my tone, "My hands were so shaky that I fumbled and dropped the glass!" I exclaimed. Danna's eyes narrowed, and I could tell immediately that he had seen through my minor deception. I had thought it a pretty believable performance, but apparently not.

He picked up the glass, and I leaned- as inconspicuously as I could manage- so that I could see what he was doing as he refilled it in the bathroom. I saw clearly that he didn't do anything suspicious, so decided to trust the second glass of water and gulped it down doubly quick.

Danna said nothing, just taking the glass from me and placing it next to the plate on the desk. He suddenly grasped my arm just above the elbow, at my side in a flash, making me jump and then struggle immediately. You would think that I would have learned what that would earn me by now, but it still took a harsh strike from my captor for my struggling to cease. My cheek stung, but it didn't override the sharp prick I felt in my arm.

I flinched round to stare at the needle as some sort of viscous white liquid slid out of the capsule and into my blood stream. "What was that?!" I panicked, and he just rolled his eyes.

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