Chapter Five: Wait... What?

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I still couldn't quite get used to how slowly life moved around here. I had figured out that I must be being held in an Akatsuki base a long time ago- I occasionally heard footsteps and voices that did not belong to Danna. Unfortunately, as I never saw faces, when the silence fell again I was left wondering if I had imagined it. Perhaps I was going insane. It would make this hell easier to deal with.

Danna sometimes disappeared for days at a time, only returning every now and then to feed me and test out yet more poisons. He seemed more keen to preserve my life now that he knew of my 'gift', and made sure that I ate the food he gave me. I didn't fight it, mostly; I didn't want a repeat of that first experiment. My arm and hand have grown out now, but the new limb still freaks me out. There is a seam were new flesh meets old so that I can't forget.

I was still only barely kept alive, but a little further from the brink than I had been. Again, I supposed that I owed it to my ability that I had never known of. Danna was still cold, cruel, and somewhat insulting, frequently commenting on my intelligence (or supposed lack thereof)- but he struck me less. He treated me almost with care, as though I was delicate, like a rare museum artefact... though I have yet to determine whether or not that is a good thing. I first noticed it only a few days ago.

The red-haired bastard had just returned from one of histhree day long excursions (for some reason, they were always three days. I have no clue why.) and was fixing my meal. I was sat cross-legged on the floor, the plushy bed still taunting me after all this time, though much less since my legs became almost permanently numb. Danna obviously felt that I was weak enough that he could leave me free without any risk of me attacking or excaping, so the chains had not been reattached. He was right in his assessment.

I was much thinner now than I was, muscles wasting away to leave bones and cartilage that jutted out at sickening angles. I was so weak that I could barely even stand by myself, leaving me unable to make use of not being tied down.

He had placed the plate of food before me on the ground and sat cross-legged on his bed, as per norm- he did this everytime I ate to make sure I did actually eat the food. I scowled up at him before tucking in one-handed; I didn't quite have the stomach to use my new hand. It creeped me out- it had only been weeks since it had been a stub of bloodied, dripping flesh- but helped me ignore the rough, somewhat painful sensation of bread forcing it's way down my weakened oesophagus. Danna's gaze was like prickles on the back of my neck- I did my best to shut out the unnerving and irritating sensation.

"I'm going to be leaving on a mission for a few days. I'll leave enough food and water for you, but you will remain here in this room." his voice surprised me; usually he just left and expected me to figure it out. I looked up at him in confusion.

"Like I have a choice..." I muttered, turning my gaze back to the concrete in annoyance. I had told myself that the only time I would look at him was to give him a deadly glare. I was almost certain he would hit me for that, but it no longer bothered me. And in any case, I was distracted by lingering confusion as to why he bothered informing me of the situation.

The silence dragged, and I slowly became aware that I was now alone in the room, unbitten apple in my palm, painless body. He had left without striking me for speaking out of turn.

A strange, bitter feeling settled in my stomach, and I placed the apple back down on the plate. I wasn't hungry anymore.

*  *  *

I thought about many things in his absence. I thought about my friends, and wondered if they had noticed that I was gone. It had to have been about two months since I was taken. I wondered if they had replaced me on the squad yet, which caused a bitter smile on my lips. Of course they had. I thought about how many dates I was missing- Matsushima's birthday, Mum and Dad's anniversary, my nephew's graduation... among others. Those had all been soon. I wondered if they missed me.

But mostly, I thought about the recent discovery of the ability I never knew I had. I had always healed faster than most, but I had always been told I just had a naturally high metabolism. Not because I had the freakish ability to regrow whole limbs.

I couldn't help but feel suspicious of whether my parents knew about it or not. If they knew, why didn't they tell me? Was it because they just didn't want me to know? But why wouldn't they?

I hugged my knees to my chest, frowning. I was just being silly. They probably didn't know- after all, I didn't remember ever losing a limb as a child. In fact, I probably would have lived my whole life not knowing, if it weren't for this experience- not that I would mind not knowing how much of a freak I was.

That was the first time I heard the other voices. Two of them, one much deeper than the others, and also much more calm. The second was loud and irritable, with a strange verbal tic of some sort.

"That damn Danna, un!" I blinked, and my gaze flickered to the door where the two stood outside. I had a feeling I wasn't supposed to hear this conversation, so I remained stock still and listened closely. "I can't believe that he just pissed off and left us to look after her!"

My expression pulled into a scowl- what did he mean, 'look after' me? As though I were some kind of pet!

"It may be a chore, but..." the voice lowered and I strained to hear. The part that I missed frustrated me no end. "...want to keep this one." The overwhelming urge to shout 'I'm right here! I can hear you!!' filled me, but I bit my tongue, "She must be something special."

"Yeah, she may be another Kage, un." the first voice was laced with sarcasm, "And anyway, how're we supposed to check she's alive if she's not allowed to see us?"

I frowned some more- what did that mean? Not supposed to see them? What negative effect could me seeing them have?

"That's quite easy. I can tell from her chakra signature- she's definitely alive."

"Hmph. Show off..."

With that, the two left. I was strangely disappointed- I supposed that I had grown bored of the silence.

Then I frowned. What did the voice mean, "another Kage"?! Had there been Kages in my position before me?! Just who was this Danna?!

I hugged my knees tighter. If I wasn't fearful of his strength before, I certainly was now.

- - -

So... this kinda clears up Yuki's standing in the Akatsuki. I suppose you could say that the members think of her as Sasori's pet... ha.

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