You And Me: Carl Grimes Love Story

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AUTHOR'S NOTE: I will be editing this story as of January 30th 2015 and the changes aren't huge. Just to let every reader know, thank you!

Another Author's NOTE: I'll just start off by saying this story has no affiliation with the REAL actors/actresses that portray these characters. Such a Chandler Riggs. This story has no affiliation or connection with him besides his character Carl Grimes.

Ella's POV

Ever since the "apocalypse" happened, It's been really boring.
I have no idea what it's really like out there.

I really don't want to

I want to stay safe here

I watched a couple of videos on TV of what it's like out there, which brought me back to my statement "I want to stay safe, here" My thoughts were interrupted with Maggie's yelling.

I ran downstairs to and out the door with My daddy Hershel, Jimmy, Maggie, & Patricia.

I was wondering about all the confusion and fuss, then I looked out and noticed a man carrying a boy covered in blood, with Otis and another man following behind.

"Was he bitten?!" My daddy asked in confusion.

"No! NO! He was shot! Shot by your guy! He said find Hershel! Is that you?!" The sheriff looking man yelled back. He really looked as though tears wanted to pour out of his eyes at any minute.

"Yeah! That's me! Come inside!" My daddy demanded. We then made our way back into the house. I quickly got out of the way until I was told what to do.

"Maggie, Get my kit! Pain killers and everything. Ella fix the bed so we can lay him down" I said nothing but a nod of my head. I did as I was told.

The sheriff set the boy covered in blood down right in front of me, He was loosing a lot of blood. It really didn't phase me though.

"Please please ! save my boy!" The man in the Sheriff's hat demanded with tears filling his eyes.

"He can save him! He can save him, please just sit down and stay calm. I'll get you a glass of milk." Maggie said, and headed off to the kitchen

My daddy then tore the boy's shirt off and I set an IVY up, putting the needle through his skin.

I grabbed his shirt that my daddy ripped off of him and gave it to the sheriff.

He gripped it tightly and was literally loosing it, but I was not going to judge. It was his son's life at risk here.

" We need to take some of your blood for him " I told the Sheriff. He simply just nodded his head. He wanted to do anything he could to save his son's life.

Personally I wanted to save him too.. He was just a kid.. Not even older than me from the looks of him.

He looked familiar in some way, but i didn't really pay attention..

Patricia then started to take blood from the sheriff.

My daddy began to clean the boys gun shot wound. I brought a bowl of water, a cloth and wiped the boys for head. He was sweating so bad.

"I need to get back to my wife and tell her " The Sheriff got up " No, you've lost to much blood. I can't let you do that " Patricia demanded to Him.

" I'll do it, where is she? " Maggie interrupted " She's on the high way with the rest of our group.. Please just hurry. I want her here"

" Shh just calm down. I'll handle it " Maggie reassured. She always knew to stay calm in crazy situations.

About an hour later I heard the roar of a bike. Lights piercing through my curtains. That made me get up as fast as I could.

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