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The firefighters quickly jumped into action as the trucks and cars pulled up in front of the burning house.

They quickly ran towards the house and kicked the doors in as they ran towards the screaming voice they heard. As they drew closer and closer to the kitchen the screams and cries would get louder and louder.

When they saw the little girl crying next to the mutilated and decapitated corpse, the firefighters also noticed how she wasn't only crying tears but also blood.

The firefighter in front quickly snapped out of his daze and ran towards the small child before sweeping her up into his arms and out of the house.

The others followed behind but one of the only female firefighter noticed the black and red teddy bear, she quickly swiped it off the ground before running out of the house as it began collapsing.

There was noise everywhere from the hoses, fire, talking, and cries from the girl as well as flashes from the cameras of news reporters and nearby citizens.

The female firefighter quickly walked towards her male companions who was trying to help in calming the child.

"Please, stop crying. It's going to be alright sweety. We got you now OK? " Her partner David said as he tried to soothe the child but that only made it worse as she cried even more.

*Sam's P. O. V*(The female firefighter)

"Here let me try. " I said quietly as I walked towards the little girl as I hid the toy behind my back. "Hi there little one. My names Sam. What's your name?" I asked her.

She just ignored me as she cried more and more. I had to get her to stop crying or else she might die from blood loss since for some reason she's crying blood.

"Here, I found this next to you... " I said quietly as I gently place the bear on her lap. She looked up at it and stopped crying as she sniffled while hugging the bear tightly.

"Now can you tell me your name?" I asked again as I began to wipe the blood on her face off with a napkin.

"M-mai.....K-k-kuro-ro-rochi.... " she stuttered out between her sniffles.

"Mai what a beautiful name.... " I said softly. "Now Mai I'm going to need to wrap your eyes in some bandages OK? " I said.

She slowly nodded as she closed her eyes as I began to wrap them. Once I was done I place my hand on her shoulders as I began to rub them.

"Thank you for letting me help you Mai. Now I'm going to send you to the hospital with some people so you can get some help for your eyes OK? " i asked again as she slightly nodded.

I lifted her up as I carefully carried her and sat her inside the ambulance. By now the fire has already been put out and the area was being cleared off people while the police searched for clues in the remains of the house.

I watched as the ambulance rode off towards the hospital with a sigh.

'That little girl has been to hell and back tonight.... So sad for a child at such a young age....'

*Mais P. O. V*

'Blood..... Blood... It's everywhere.... All around me.... '

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