uncensored affection

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"Harry Styles. You and Louis need to tone the PDA down. What do your parents think?"

Harry's teacher caught him giving love bites to Louis while they were in the hallway. Harry is a Senior and Louis is a Junior.

"Actually, my parents are glad i have someone to show my love to. Those show he is mine. Mine and only mine so I don't see why I am at fault. You see straight couples do it all of the time. Is it because we are gay and like to suck dick? If so, that's a dumb ass reason as to why I got called in here. If you excuse me, my boyfriend is waiting for me in the car." Harry stood up and walked out of the office and headed for the exit. He soon saw Louis heading towards him not looking very pleased.

"Harry did you have to go and get in trouble? I told you we would get in trouble." Louis sighed and Harry pulled him in for a hug.

"lou, baby. Relax I didn't get in trouble. He didn't have time to get me in trouble because I may have walked out." Harry pulled away and smiled at Louis and louis just laughed at him.

"Styles you are impossible. I am really mad at you though. You left me with an issue and you are going  to fix it. We might as well leave now because it is not going away anytime soon." Harry's face heated up and he pulled louis to the car.

"Are you eager? Do you just love me because you can get in my pants styles?" He joked around.

"Lou, I would love you if you were a virgin and wanted to wait until we got married to make love. You let me get in your pants anyways so that is a bonus. " Harry smirked at Louis and they were in the car for about 10 minutes and when they got to Harry's flat things got heated.

"'m glad your parents aren't home. This would be really weird and awkward. "

"Lou they have heard us before its not like us being on top of each other in the doorway would shock them."

"you have a point. Now would you please do something before i die." and when that was said Harry grabbed louis and started kissing him roughly. He picked him up without breaking the kiss and found his way to his bedroom.

"Louis, do you know why i don't call what we are doing sexual actions?" He slowly got on top of Louis' body that is lying on the bed and he began tracing his hands don the curves of Louis. Louis shook his head at Harry's question because it was a little hard to make conversation at the moment.

"I don't think of this as just sex. What this is to me is showing the one I love affection. Even if people think our affection should be censored, it will never be hidden from the outside world." Harry needed Louis to understand that.

Harry slowly began lifting up Louis' shirt and when he did, louis was quick to take it off. His fingers traced up and down louis' tattoos on his arms and he told louis he was beautiful while he kissed every inch of his arms, neck, and belly. When he started kissing down Louis' v-line, he decided to give louis his promise ring.

Louis thought of Harry as the sweetest person ever because he is so gentle and every touch made Louis feel loved. Harry stopped kissing down Louis v-line and pulled the ring out of his pocket.

"Louis, I did not want to give this special gift to you on some cliché date. So a better option was to give this to you now. Louis Tomlinson, I promise to never leave, I promise to never let anyone come between us, I promise to always care endlessly for you even when you decided to hate me for caring too much, and I promise to never censor our love. That's the most important promise. " He slid his ring on and slid louis' on his finger. Louis was speechless and he told Harry "I love you" about a thousand times in that one moment.

After he had promised louis, he knew he needed to fulfill his promises.  Harry gently pushed Louis back down and kissed him softly. He started to unbutton Louis' jeans and he pulled them off. Kisses made their way up and down Louis' tan, bare legs and harry knew Louis wanted his touch. He put his hand in Louis'  boxers and stroked up and down his member causing louis to arch his back in pleasure. He pulled Louis' length out of his boxers and began to pump him faster and faster until soft moans filled the quiet room. Harry loved how he could make Louis shiver under his light touch.

"I love you Louis,  and everyone should know."

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