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opposites attract - l.s by angelharry_xo
opposites attract - l.sby angelharry_xo
louis and harry are opposites or, where harry doesnt give a shit about louis. right? mostly fluff
Larry Stylinson Oneshots  by LiteralAngels
Larry Stylinson Oneshots by Gray
Some cute and fluffy Larry Stylinson Oneshots. *these short stories are completely fictional and the actions of its characters do not reflect the actions of the people...
Teach me l.s by randymyqueen
Teach me l.sby randymyqueen
Louis is a feminine guy who got a job at a high school as a drama teacher. Harry is the rude principal that seems to hate him.
Fluffy Larry Oneshots by tomlinsunsfringe
Fluffy Larry Oneshotsby Anna
Harry is protective and of the jealous kind. Louis is soft and sweet. These are tidbits of their lives. The 'Maybe More' series is a kitten hybrid fic NO SMUT. PLS I AM...
He's Mine  {l.s.}  by highlikeharry
He's Mine {l.s.} by 𓆏
| s h o r t s t o r y | Louis works at a café that Harry -his crush- comes to everyday. Sadly though, Harry is always with his boyfriend. Well except for one day, tha...
You're my favourite subject♡︎ (teacher/student. L.S) by ohitzlarry
You're my favourite subject♡︎ ( OhitzChloë28
"So Louis what's your favourite subject?" "You're my favourite subject" "I'm sorry, I didn't hear what you said" "I said I don't have...
Larry Stylinson Fluff One-shots by onebananaforapound
Larry Stylinson Fluff One-shotsby Hannah
A bunch of Larry fluff to make your heart warm 💙💚
When nothing meets everything  -L.S. by Soof2233
When nothing meets everything Hazza_28
"Mom, dad I have to tell you something." Or the one where Louis is kicked out and Harry is a famous popstar. This is the story where nothing meets everything ...
Sticky Notes// Larry🌵🌈 by BlindBirdy
Sticky Notes// Larry🌵🌈by BlindBirdy
Harry finds sticker notes sticking on his locker everyday from a secret admirer, who genuinely cares and seems to be truly interested on him. "Welcome to my life, C...
baby angel 👼🏻 l.s (baby louis) by GoldenLou_28
baby angel 👼🏻 l.s (baby louis)by GoldenLou_28
louis is little boy who loves elephants and the colour pink. yes he maybe 26 years old but he loves to dance around in princess dresses and have a daddy to look after hi...
I Cant Help Falling In Love With You {L.S} by sweetestcreature2128
I Cant Help Falling In Love With V
A series of short stories about two boys falling in love Larry Stylinson Fluff and smut (⚠️) one shots • Highest rankings 🏅 #20 in work #71 in niall #44 in novel #84 i...
instagram // l.s. by louieshalo
instagram // ◟̽◞̽
Louis is 20 years old, while Harry is 18. Louis accidentally messages Harry on Instagram, and they start to form a connection. * * * * I'm doing my best to update once e...
Young Love ( Larry Stylinson) by Larry_Moony
Young Love ( Larry Stylinson)by Larry Stylinson
Louis and his mother have moved to a new town, Cheshire. He doesn't know what to expect there, it'll be a totally new life and most importantly, new school. He is scared...
flower crowns // l.s.  by demisbum
flower crowns // l.s. by k.p. ☾
harry likes pretty pink flowers and louis enjoys ink and piercings. **This story contains possible triggers. Read at your own risk.** started in 2015, finished in 2017. ...
Just Another Stunt by larryishook28
Just Another Stuntby Rebeckaà💛
Harry and Louis were never together. After a well-deserved break, One Direction is going back and not nearly as big as before. In order to gain publicity, management dec...
You keep me calm by Kazzame4
You keep me calmby Kazzame4
The boys are heading on vacation! Harry notices that Louis is starting to act oddly but can't put his finger on why. He seems to be much more emotional than his normal s...
Larry Stylinson One Shots by ltandhs28
Larry Stylinson One Shotsby ltandhs28
Loads of Larry stylinson one shots with bottom Harry and top Louis. Prompts are always welcome x
"I got the crush on my sisters friend" by STYLINSON_1D28
"I got the crush on my sisters Stylinson_E
Harry and Lottie have been friends for a few years now they have done everything together Harry's helped Lottie with her love life and Lotties helps Harry to find himsel...
We Met Online (L.S.) (Completed) by BrodieStyles123
We Met Online (L.S.) (Completed)by BrodieStyles123
A Larry Stylinson texting and instagram story with a lot of Ziam and Shiall.
powerless - [Larry Stylinson] ✔️ by sophia__larry
powerless - [Larry Stylinson] ✔️by Sophia
In which Louis arrives and a new school and is attracted to the boy every one tells him to stay away from. (A/N i suck at descriptions please read!) COMPLETED - 19 PART...