Regency AMA

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Have you ever read a 19th century classic, or a modern historical novel, and not recognised or understood a particular word? Or maybe the characters behaved in a way that seems odd to our modern eyes. Perhaps you didn't feel comfortable asking the author and everyone else seemed to know it already.

Well, help is at hand. You can ask me anything about Regency England.

Here, no question is too simple or basic. In fact, if you already know the difference between a barouche and a phaeton, or a lappet and a tippet, then the chances are you might not learn anything new by reading this book.

Post your question in the comments below, and I'll try my best to answer it, and/or cover the subject in more detail in later posts.

Although I have a long list of subjects to write about, unlike a story I can add them in any order. I'm happy to cover the most 'in demand' subjects first. For that I'll be guided by the questions and requests posted here.

[Image: Evening, Promenade or Sea Beach Costumes, Ackermann's Repository of arts, literature, commerce, manufactures, fashions, and politics, pub. October 1810.]

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