Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

"Beep beep" My alarm clock buzzed in my ear. I quickly got up and turned the alarm off. No, I am not excited for school today, but I am going over to Angel's house today. I haven't spent time with her in a while so I decided to ask her if I could come over. This week is the last week of school, so we get to do pretty much whatever we want. I looked through my drawers to see if I could find a nice shirt to wear today. "This is perfect!" I found a blue plaid button down shirt. I threw on a pair of jeans that had small holes in them. Then I put on a black undershirt with my blue shirt. I brushed my long, straight, blonde hair and my teeth. I heard a noise come from my iPod, so I walked to my dresser and picked it up. "Yay! I got a text!" I don't have a cell phone so for now I have to use my iPod to text and call people. So right now, getting a text is pretty exciting.

"Crystal, have you seen my phone?" "No mom I haven't seen it" "Well keep an eye out for it because Chris said that he put it down on the kitchen table and it disappeared." I rolled my eyes. "Whatever." Chris is my Mom's boyfriend. He always has an attitude with me, and he only cares about himself. Chris probably stole the cell phone. I walked downstairs into the kitchen to grab a quick snack.

I opened the cabinets to see what I could find. Nothing good, that's for sure. "What do you think you're doing young lady?" Great, even this early he is trying to get me in trouble. He should be asleep anyways. "I'm looking for a snack." "Why don't you eat breakfast at school?" "School breakfasts are gross!" "Well guess what, deal with it!" I slammed the cabinets shut and walked out the house. I just wanted a granola bar, is that too much to ask for? Jeez, Chris pisses me off so bad sometimes.

I walked into the classroom and sat down next to Angel. "Hey, Crystal! You will never guess what happened yesterday!" I can already guess what she wants to tell me. "What?" "I was talking to this guy on a chatting website, and he was talking about...." I tuned most of what she said out. I think she thinks I was listening cause all I did was nod and say "uh huh" over and over again. I swear when I go to her house this afternoon she better not be all over that computer. "I can't believe me and him are going out though! I am the luckiest girl in the whole world!" I rolled my eyes. I can name a hundred of her ex boyfriends. There was James, Brandon, Zach, Joe, Orlando, Corbin, Wesley, Jake, Jacob, and so on.

During fourth block, Nicholas and I played cards. Nicholas is my boyfriend that I've been dating for a couple months. He is really nice, and I get to see him in person. Later, Angel and I arrived at Angel's house. As soon as I walked in Angel got on her laptop. I left Angel's room and came into the living room and slouched on the couch. "I should've known it was going to go down like this" I took out my iPod and texted Angel.

"Hey, get off the laptop please, we need to talk."

"No, I don't want to"

After I got that reply, I was furious.

"Angel, you better get off that laptop or I will take my stuff and leave right now"


Angel walked in through the hallway. "What do you want?" "We need to talk about this crap now; you are really starting to piss me off." "What do we need to talk about?" "This boy thing on the computer, you need to spend time with me, not them." "You can't tell me what to do." She left and went back to her room. I took out my iPod again.

"You know what. Whenever that dude you were talking about breaks your heart, don't come crying to me. I'm not your therapist, and I'm not going to help you through something that was your fault in the first place."


[*it was a short chapter I know, but I had writers block in some parts. I promise the 2nd chapter will be longer and it will start to pick up more, Thanks! -Kayla*]

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