A Voyage to the Capitol

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As soon as my dad leaves the room, the guard comes in and grabs me by the arm, rushing me towards the exit. Effie is standing there with her arms behind her back, not making eye contact with me. 

"The train leaves in two minutes," she begins to explain. "we are expected to be there right now but we are surprisingly behind schedule. Does everyone have their tokens?"

Oh shoot, you stupid idiot!

I start cursing at myself about how the one thing I'm aloud to keep with me, from the day I was born to the day I day, was left on the small table, next to the door. That wasn't the first thing I've ever forgotten though. I've left homework, lunch, watches, hats, glasses and so many more.

Curse that stupid little table.

After I'm busy cursing myself in my head, I realize that I've been running for a minute now. 

Right, the train.

We keep running until  the station is in sight, and boarded with no one left behind. When I enter, my eyes meet the most amazing spread of food and desserts on a large circular table.

"For the next couple of days before the games, you tow will be treated to the best the Capitol can offer! Amazing treats, delicious buffets and you won't believe the District 12 suite!" Effie exclaims.

Of course they have to treat us! They are literally sending us to our deaths! But still...free food!

I rush to the table and start loading my plate with sweets and deserts. So what if it's only the morning, I'm going to get killed, remember?

I sit down in one of the chairs and dig in. The cinnamon rolls make my the buds dance as the butter from the bread melts in my mouth. I'm to busy eating that I don't notice the girl who came with me.

Maybe I should stick with her during the games? Does she even know how to use a weapon? Wait...what's her name again? Wow...I am so rude.

I turn my head to her and look at my district partner. But i regret it the moment I look at the expression of her face. She has tear stains on her cheeks and her face is in the utmost state of shock and fear that I almost want to cry. She is staring at the floor, unchanged by her surroundings. She looks like a helpless five year old who just say her dog get hit by one of those capitol cars.

She turns her head up slowly and sees me staring at her.

Oh no, This is going to be awkward. I hope she doesn't think I like her...but she is pretty...NO NO NO PETER STOP! YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW HER NAME!!! Wait... she's walking over here..

She walks over to my chair and extends her arm at me. Her face of  shock and horror has disappeared and a small smile fills her face. 

"My name is Winclet, but you can call me Winny." She, I mean Winny says.

"And I'd like to be partners with you for the Hunger games."


Its been a year since I've undated this story and I hope the people who kept this in their librarys will read it! I lost my password about 9 months ago and just got it back about 5 days ago. Honestly, I never thought i would be able to continue this story, but here you go! I hope you all like it and I'd love to hear feed back!

Sorry for not updating in a year!


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