The Last Mellark (Sequel to The return of Primrose)

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Warning!!!! Don't read if you didn't read 'The Return of Primrose', It is important to the story!!!!!!           *^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*

I wake up bright and early as always in by room with the baby blue walls. I get out of my bed and put on my hunting clothes. I slip out of my room creeping down the hallway. I take silent steps when I'm in front of my parents room. I can hear my father's snores from the hallway. i laugh to myself and keep tip-toeing down the hall. I pass a yellow room with a bed, a closet filled with girl clothes and a shelf with little stuff animals aligned in order from bigger to smaller. I always wondered who used that room. i don't think I ever had a sister, but I have a person close to one.  Her name is Lilly Odair and she is a victor of one of the Hunger Games. She won when she was only twelve. So, now she is 25 years old. I asked her if she had any allies, but she just says no and shrugs. I walk down our little shed filled with weapons. I grab my bow and arrows. I know what your thinking. Son of Katniss, of course he uses a bow and arrows. I am better with a machete like my dad, but I am also good with a bow and arrows fore hunting animals.

I walk out side with my bow in hand. Seeing the electric gate in view, I start into a sprint. I jump at the fence, doing a barrel roll in the middle of the air. After regaining balance, i am on the other side of the fence. I touch the top of my head seeing if i got hit by the fence. Luckily, I wasn't hurt. I head to the heart od the forest where a little house stood near a lake. My mother showed me the spot when I was four. She loves it here. I see the house and a 25 year old woman sitting by the lake. She cranes her head to see me and gives me a soft smile. 

"Hey little man." She says. 

"You know I hate that nickname." I say. She has called me that ever since I said my fist word, 'man.'

"Whatever." Lilly says. She walks over and hugs me. I hug her back and walk over to the house, emptying all of the breakfast I packed. She is from district 4 but takes visits to district 12 every other day. Once, it was my birthday and I didn't see her for a whole year. I was given a big present that had a card saying 'From district 4.' I immediately opened it seeing if Lilly gave it to me. But instead Lilly herself popped out of the present.

"Yay! you brought cinnamon rolls!" Lilly screams in delight.

"Yeah, but I get half!" I say. She always eats all of them!

"Hows you mom and dad?" Lilly says eatning the cinnamon roll.

"They're good." She says.

"Do you miss Prim?" Lilly says but then bites back her words. Her cheeks turn red.

"Who's Prim?" I say. I know that Prim was my aunt. 

She didn't awnser.

"Lilly! Who is Prim?!" I yell.

Still no awnser.

"Lilly!" I scream again. She sighs and looks at me with weary eyes.

"Prim," she begins. ",was your sister, my ally in the Hunger Games."

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