The Reaping (part 2)

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The next thing I knew I was already on the stage, observing the faces that I have seen in school, on the street, the bakery, and more. But all of that dosen't mean anything now! I'm about to go into a competition where I absolutely won't come back from. I probably won't even get by the first 3 minutes! I mean, at least i'm a little bit skilled. Winclet, that poor girl that was chosen with me, has probably never even picked up a butter knife.She looked so skinny and miserable.

"-and may the odds be ever in your favor!" Effie finishes. I guessed I shut her out while I was whining in my head. Anyway, Effie leads us into two separate rooms. I go into a well lit room with a chandelier and a window. There seems to be a old dark purple chair on the corner of the room. I think about how many tributes at in that chair. Maybe my sister, my mom, Haymitch, and maybe dad.

"You have two minutes. Go." I hear a voice say. I then see my dad, shoved in. After flicking the guard off while he wasn't looking, he turns and sees me. He walks over... s l o w l y. Comes within arm length, and bear hugs me. I hug him back.Once letting me go he looks at me dead in the eyes and says what I totally needed to hear:

"Don't worry, if your lucky a few kisses from that Gazel girl will get you some delicious bread!"

"Gee dad! Thanks! Love you too! Can't wait till I die on Television for Entertainment for the whole family!" I say sarcastically.

" Really though. Stay on your toes out there. Don't do anything stupid like I did."

"What did you do that was so stupid?" I ask.

"Do not, under any circumstances, make your mother mad." He says with a smile. "I'll miss you. And you are coming back."

"TIME IS UP!" The guard shoves my dad, again, out of the room.

Little did i know, that was the only visit I was gonna get.                                                                                   -------------------------

Sorry for the wait! I didn't know what to write for a while. :) I'll try to update soon though!

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