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"What are you doing here, Gale?" My dad hisses. His face is stern with an angry glare. The man, who is apparently Gale, directs his attention to dad. 

"Stay out of it bread boy.Katniss never wanted you. She always deserved someone better. I was there for her all of those years as you just stayed in the bakery, not caring about the people who have to starve at the corner of the street!" Gale shouts.

Well that was harsh. My dad's face tightens as he walks right up to Gale, shoving mom aside.

"Well guess what prince charming, showing up here like 24 years later doesn't change a thing either! You also abandoned Katniss and you just decided to not call or tell her that you're going to run away into the woods! I stayed and for the record, she actually does like me! I was the one who protected her in the arena, not you! If you wanted to protect her, then you would've volunteered for me! My dad would've given food to her family AND yours! Is that not true?!" My dad screams out of rage.

My mom has no idea how to decide this. She just stares blankly at Gale and once in a while looks into my dad's eyes, not recognizing the kindness that used to be in them. By now, everyone is silent. I walk over to Mom, but Gale points me out.

"Who's this little one?" Gale questions. My mom looks at him dead in the eye.

"That, is Peeta' and my son, Peter. And he is more then half the man you are!" My mom says and slams the door behind her. Gale opens the door and has a sad expression on his face.s

"But Catnip-" Gale starts.

"Shut it Gale! I have had enough stress already!" She then sighs and walks towards him.

"I will always remember the days we spent in the woods. Picking strawberries, getting game," she says.

"Katniss, don't start!" Gale cries.

"And the afternoons when we would talk in the prairie, and the bread we shared from the bakery on reaping day," She continued.

"Catnip!" He whined.

"Don't call me that anymore." Mom said. "Goodbye Gale."

And with that she pushed him through the doorway and started closing the door.

"Katniss, No!"Gale cried out, but it was to late. Mom shut the door and faced us.Swelling up with tears.


Don't worry! That won't be the last of Gale!!!! Sorry for the late update!

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