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I sit there, shocked. My mouth parts as I process what has just been said. My sister, a tribute of the Hunger Games? And the same one as Lilly's?!  I stand up, and turn around walking out of the little house by the lake. Lilly turned around and faced me. 

"Let me come with you." She says her eyes watering. She walks towards me holding out her hand. 

"O-okay." I mutter as I quicken my speed. The leaves hit my legs as i go into a bolt. I hear the crunching of leaves behind me so I figure that it is Lilly. My house comes into view. I run as fast as my legs could carry me. I come to the front of my house. I turn the golden knob and walk inside. My dad is in the kitchen while my mom is on the sofa. Dad always cooks considering that he was the baker's son. My mom is reading the news paper as she sips her coffee. I feel my eye's water and I start to sniff. Having a mother's instinct she looks up and comes towards me.

"Oh no, don't cry Peter. What happened?" She asks as she leads me into the kitchen. I hear the front door slam as Lilly enters the house. 

"I'm sorry Mr and Mrs Mellark. I didn't mean to tell him." she says looking at her feet.

"He knows?" My dad says turning off the kitchen sink. 

"We should of told him earlier, Peeta." My mom says. 

"We were just trying to not share the pain. Remember how devastated we were after she came back in a crate!" my dad argues.

"He deserved to know though! Peter has as much right to know then we do! It was his sister!" my mother shouts.

"It was your idea not to tell him!" My father defends himself. Mom's face gets blood red as she breaths in and out.

"That was then! He was three months old!" Mom screams.

"But it was your idea Katniss! I just went with it!" Dad huffs.

"What do you mean you-" my mom starts to scream.

"Shut Up!!! It's over! Just tell him!" Lilly screams. We all turn around facing Lilly as she tries to calm down.

"I'm sorry for shouting, but he would of found out sooner or later. Remember the media. If he went to the Hunger Games recording he would of saw his sister who looks exactly like Katniss." She says. My dad sighs as he walks over to me.

"Listen Peter, by know you seem to know alot about your sis. If you have any questions or if you want to talk about it, you should know that your mom and I are here for you." He says with a sincere look on his face. A million questions flood my mind about my mystery sister. But I only ask the ones that questioned me in the past.

"The bedroom down the hall, is that her's?" I ask.

"Yes, it hasn't been touched since Prim left." My mother replies.

"Did she ever do anything with me?" I ask. I have seen brightly colored paintings in the room of me when I was young and my mom, dad and I guess Primrose.

"She used to position us on the couch and paint us. She loved you and always wanted to protect you. And she absolutely adored painting you when you were paying with your toys." Dad says.

"Did she volunteer?" I ask. 

"No, no she didn't." My mom's face saddens as the woman who was arguing like a wild bull turn into a sad duckling, crying for it's mother.

"Mom, dad, I just realized something." I say.

"What?" they say in usion.

"Tomorrow is the Reaping for the games." 

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