The reaping

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I walk over to my mom, not sure what has happened. Her head, buried in her arns as she leans on the door hugging her knees. I notice that it is already in the evening.  

"I'm going to bed mom, goodnight." I then stand up and walk away to my room.


I wake up from nightmares of that Gale guy. In the dream, he is carrying my mom, who is struggling under his enbrace, and my dad, whi is slowly bleeding to death. At my sides is and emergency kit, and a bow with arrows. My mother screams my name as mydad weezes for helpas he coughs up blood. In the end, gale always takes my mom and my dad's chest stops rising as the canon blares.

I walk over to the dresser and gather in my reaping clothes. Walking down the the kitchen, Lilly my dad and mom are eating. 

"Morning Peter." My dad says not looking at mr. His gaze is straight at the wall as he sips his coffee. I glance at the clock seeing 11:30. Well, I slept late. 

"Mom, dad. It's 11:30. We need to head to the square." I mumble, not wanting to belive that it is true. That theree is a chance. That today they will say my name. We all get up heading outside to the square.


After we are all gathered, Effie Trinket walks up stage. She glances at the crowd and says.

"Happy Hunger games! And may the odds be ever in your favor." She walks to the girls bowl and takes out the slip of paper.

"Winclet Gazel!" A girl my age makes her way up to the stage. She has red hair with bright blue eyes. Here dress is a hand down and dotted blue.

"Now for the boys." Effie reaches in the bowl to the note on the top.

"Peter Mellark." My heart skipped a beat.

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