Chapter Sixty-Two

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If any of you are ever offended by something Justin says in the story (ex. In the last chapter he said 'retards') I apologize but that is the point of his character. He's rude and judgemental and doesn't care for 'society rules'. Do not take what he says seriously!

Songs for this chapter are:

Memphis - Justin Bieber ft Big Sean

Dollhouse - Melanie Martinez

Dark Times - The Weekend ft Ed Sheeran


Brooke's POV

"I can't believe you left, the party got so live!" Christine boasted as I flipped the eggs on the stove. I rolled my eyes, turning away from her and grabbing a plate from our cupboards. Thankfully, she wasn't mad about me leaving her and Jon, they didn't mind taking a cab home.

"I'm glad you and Jon enjoyed yourselves," I smiled sarcastically.

"Oh, we did. One of the beds in that house is a water bed! Do you know how great those are for sex - "

"Okay, I get it." I waved her off. Christine was very detailed and didn't mind talking about her sex life.

She chuckles and places a hand on my shoulder. "Don't worry, Brooke. When Justin comes back you can tell me all about the crazy, kinky sex you two have."

"How do you even know he's going to be kinky?" I laughed, placing the cooked eggs on three plates. Yes, Jon was still here.

"Please...just because he's a criminal, doesn't mean I don't think he's hot as fuck. Plus, you told me about all those spankings and shit, I'd be dripping." She fanned herself and I rolled my eyes playfully, crossing my legs over one another.

Christine gasped and pointed to my legs. "I knew it! You're horny as fuck!"

I shushed her, "shut up, I'm not."

She shook her head, laughing. Christine grabbed the plates of breakfast and placed them on our small dining room table. "Girl, there's no way in hell you guys are staying here the night he get's back. You think what Jon and I do is bad? Holy shit, you guys will be going at it all night, I'm scared for your vagina."

I laughed loudly, covering my mouth. "Oh my God, Christie."

She shrugged cutely and continued to eat her breakfast. Jon stumbled down the stairs, a dazed look in his dark green eyes. He rubbed his large hands over his face before glancing at the table. "Shit, thanks so much, Brooke." He thanked me as he sat down to eat his breakfast. I waved him off, finishing my plate.

Last night, Dave and I had driven in circles, talking about Justin and how much everyone misses him. Surprisingly, it made me feel a lot better knowing so many people supported Justin in getting out.

Multiple times when I got home, I contemplated calling Tyler. I wanted to figure out why he isn't emerged in the gang life like he should be. I know Justin takes pride in that gang, and I wanted to find out what was wrong with Tyler. However, every time I went to pick up my cell phone, Justin's warning look came in my head.

"Brooke," Justin said slowly. "Do not step on the counter, you're going to fall."

"No I'm not," I waved him off, jumping up onto the counter to reach the highest shelf.

He sighed, "Brooke," he repeated. I ignored him, stretching my arm, my fingers tips just faintly reaching the small box of cumin. I groaned in annoyance, trying to push onto my knees to get higher.

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