Chapter 1

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This is my first fan-fic so bare with me, or is it bear with me? Forget it not important. So… Getting awkward but I hope you enjoy it and please leave comments and tips and stuff so I can make it better.  I’ll try to upload once a week BTW!

Ally POV

Hi, my name is Ally Frazier. I am from Washington D.C, but I moved to Ecuador when I was very young. I was about 7 when we moved. In the third grade when I was 8, I met my best friends Gabriella (Gabi)  Smith. I speak fluent Spanish. Annabelle and I just graduated high school and are taking a gap year. We are moving to London next week.

We (Gabi and I) had just moved into our ‘flat’ as they call it here in London. It’s an apartment basically. Two bedroom, kitchen, living room.  Nothing too special. My room was a light baby blue color with a matching duvet cover. Annabelle’s room was a light lilac color also with a matching duvet.

During the gap year we traveled most of England and Ireland. We went to Cheshire, Leeds, South London, London City, New Castle, Birmingham, Dublin, Arklow, and Northern Ireland. It was sort of a backpacking trip you might say. We also heard of some “famous” boy band called … One… One something…whatever not important. They are apparently a really big thing in Europe. We just don’t get all the hype about them. To us they aren’t anything special.

We finally moved back to our warm cozy flat after almost seven months of traveling. We decided to cut our gap year short and enter City University in London. We have to wait two months before starting since they are on break. My passion has always been photography and digital design.  Annabelle’s has been photography also, but I’m more into the digital design part than she is. For the class we both bought Nikon D800s D-SLR Cameras.  We were ready to start college!

Again please leave comments and stuff and I hoped you liked the prologue!


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