Chapter 2

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BTW I changed Annabelle’s name to Gabi or Gabriella!!!!!!! Second chapter yayayay! Sorry I went to the beach and there was no internet! Btw Ally and Gabi are 18 and the 1d boys are their same ages. Love ya! -Jordy

Ally POV

*Beep *Beep *Beep. My alarm was going off…ugg it was 9am. Way too early for my liking. I hit the snooze button on my alarm clock and gradually got myself up and out of my warm cozy bed. I went to the bathroom and turned on the shower as hot as possible and just a little bit of cold while I picked out my outfit for the first day of college.

I was really excited about photography school and all, but I am definitely NOT a morning person. Also, it was chilly which means I had to wear a sweatshirt. (Outfit on the side).

I got dressed, did my hair, sprayed Love Spell perfume on, got my vans on, grabbed my phone and walked to Gaby’s room.

“Hey Gabi. Are you tired? Because I’m fucking exhausted!”

“Yeah same here, but excited for the first day.”

“Let’s go.”

We were walking out the door of our flat on campus…

“Oh shit the cameras!” Gabi screamed.

She went inside and came out with two Nikon cameras. Phew that was close.

“Thanks Gabi.”


There were posters of like five guys all over the walls. Of the dorm. Apparently they are a really famous band…One Direction. I remember hearing something about them. Whatever not my thing, I’d probably forget the name One Direction by tomorrow. We walk into the quad, may I remind you it’s like fall in England so it’s chilly, and what do we see? Of course there is a group of girls. Let me categorize these girls for you. Beach blonde bimbos wearing whore-fits. The dresses they were wearing showed way to much cleavage and ended at upper thigh. Wow! As we walk by they start to whisper.

“Biatches!” the girl who I suspected was the “gang leader” yelled at us.

“You’re no better” I mumbled, but apparently she heard me.

“Excuse me?” in her high pitched girly voice.

“You heard me biatch.” I mocked her



We walked into the fine arts building. The class was up the stairs and the third door to the right. We go sit on what looks to be new black leather couch. The students start filing in and finally, the teacher. Oh wait the blonde bimbos are in our class too! Yippee isn’t this just a bundle of joy.

“Oh you’re here.” She sneers.

We choose to ignore her. The teacher introduces himself as Mr. Fitz. And may I say he was HOT As in H-O-T hot. Huh I though a lady would be teaching this subject, I don’t think he’s gay though.

“Damn he is hoooooooooot!” I whisper to Gabi.

“I know. I heard he’s gay though. Sucks!” she replied.


It was late morning, almost noon. We had heard about this cute little coffee shop from a friend who used to live in the U.K. It was some hole in the wall place but apparently amazing.

We walked through this really nice neighborhood to get to this mysterious coffee café shop thingy. I heard some obnoxious high pitched voice.

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