(Lol yes this story is named after Rihanna's song Rude Boy.. Yes its a Rated R story so if you not into that kind of stuff.. Please read my other story 'I Wish' :)

!!! ~this is not a chapter just an introduction~ !!!

Main 4 Characters;

Shaye (pronounced Shay)- a small 17 year old barbadian beauty, crazy curly hair, hazel eyes, a dress to impress girl.. A girl you'd judge by looks straight up, but just to let you know she's a real innocent geek :) well until... Usually saying 'bitch please'

Chantelle - tall, african american, BIG BOOTY, glowing skin complexion, light brown eyes, straight talking, a bit revealing, always hungry but again a innocent yet LOUD 17 year old girl did I mention? She can MOVE THAT BOOTAY! Usually saying 'wagwaans' haha.

Kerris - tall, caribbean, mixed race, long curly hair, greeny/brown eyes, very sarcastic, a quiet, chilled out 17 year old but once she starts.. She doesn't finish.

Paige - tall, white, english/american/spanish, long hair, slightly curly, bright blue eyes, funny, weird, crazy, baby of the group at 16.. But let's say she's the prettiest haha.

The girls have been together since 7th grade and are pretty inseparable, even when it comes to boys they soon hit highschool and not much changes apart from the boys they're introduced to.. Chresanto, Craig, Rayan and Jacob, yep they're sexy/hot/fine all'a'that but they're trouble, they make a change in the girls lives... And not for the best.

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