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He opened his eyes from a severe case of unconsciousness only to find himself pinned down to the hospital bed with the weight of an arm and a sharp glinting knife in its tight grip. Despite, the fact that he’d been stationary for a long period he sprinted out of the room getting the gunman off of him.The marksman's last words echoed the halls and then it went silent. The stunned patient stared in the empty and creepy hallway trying to make some sense out of what just happened. He recalled the words of the gunman. “… Where is it? The diary… where?!” In the palpable scare he could feel in each of his cells, he dug his memory deep to look for the reason. But he got nothing.  In fact, his whole mind was blank –he did not remember anything. 

On a sudden instinct to look into his pocket, he found, to his utter astonishment, a small red booklet.  And his gut told him that this was the exact same diary the strange man in his room was looking for. Also, this belonged to him. 

But, he accessed the situation and came to certain conclusions –he did not retain any concept of his life before now, people wanted him to die for something, he had the ‘something’ they wanted and this thing was the only way for him to get out of this mess. 

He flipped through the yellow pages scribbled on with a familiar black-ink etching. 

This is a grueling thriller about a man and his rediscovery of himself facing against big deadly odds of whose existence he’s unaware of. His adventures to decipher his existence with the clues from the red diary all along keeping himself away from danger… or rather combating it.

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