The Point Of No Return

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(A/N) In this chapter Gray finally sets out on his quest to save his fiancé! What could possibly go wrong?


"I mean I realize that this is important to your dad but what if we just send out some guards!"


"Don't worry Gray, I'll make sure you don't have to leave!" That's the last time she gets to cut me off!

"Mika!" Well, that seemed to gain her attention.

"Gray Fullbuster! How many times have I instructed you to call me mother?" I'm not even going make it to The Salamander's castle since my mom is going to strangle me now.

"Probably a lot, but that's besides the point. You weren't listening and I need to tell you something. I'm leaving whether you want me to or not, I have to go save my... Fiancé." I hated that word, why couldn't I pick who I got to marry?

"Oh, I see... I'm not surprised, you've always been as stubborn as your father." I could hear a slight amount of laughter in her words, good I don't want her to be completely sad when I leave. I may not show it very often but I really do care for my parents.

"Gray, are you ready to go?" Why wasn't he here earlier? He told me to be ready at dawn and he shows up at noon? Good job dad.

"Yes, can I go now?" If I stayed any longer my mom was going to find a way to make me stay.

"Hold on son, I want to give you something." Now I was intrigued, my dad never gave me anything. I watched as my dad took off the sword necklace he always wore and put it on me. "It's been passed down for generations, make sure you keep it safe." I nodded in response, my thoughts to jumbled to form a coherent thought.

Coughing awkwardly I finally spoke. "Well uh... I better get going, gotta go save the Princess and all that." With that said I climbed on Haru -friendly reminder that I didn't pick his name- and rode off.


It felt great to finally be away from the kingdom. As much as I hate to admit it I've never been outside those walls surrounding the kingdom. Although it wasn't really that surprising considering my mom nearly had a heart attack whenever I left the castle. I chuckled, sure my mom seemed crazy, but she was just doing her job.

I was so deep in thought that I failed to realize that Haru had stopped, that is until I was flung off the saddle and throw against a tree.

"Haru what the hell?!" Yes Gray get in a fight with your horse, every mentally stable teenager does that. Once I finally calmed Haru down I figured out what was scaring him, in the distance I could see a castle it was dark and looked foreboding, that meant I was definitely going the right way.

"Wow, I know my dad said the castle was close but I didn't think it'd be this close." I unfortunately came to the realization that I would be walking from here on out. So I carefully grabbed Haru's reins and pulled him along.


When I finally reached my destination I looked up at the castle, it looked far more intimidating up close. If the castle looked this scary I'd hate to see who lived in it, unfortunately I didn't have much of a choice in the matter. Steeling my nerves I left Haru outside and entered the castle.


The interior of the castle was dreary, although it looked pretty clean. The whole place was dull nothing really stood out and most of the statues were, weird, to say the least. I mean who has this many dragon statues in a castle?

"Would you shut up already?!" Any lingering thoughts on the castle immediately stopped when I heard that shout. It was a deep masculine voice that sent a shiver down my spine, that definitely wasn't my fiancé so that only left one other option.

The Salamander.

The shout clearly came from the room directly to the left of me, no turning back now. I let out a deep breath, steeled my nerves and opened the door.


(A/N) *cackles manically* You thought I was finally gonna bring Natsu into the story didn't you? Well I'm sorry but no. At least you guys know he'll definitely be in the next chapter!

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