Awkward Explanations

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(A/N) BOOM! New Chapter! Oh look it's still in Gray's POV. Also don't worry my friends Natsu will be coming into the story soon! Then we can kick Graylu to the curb!


I wasn't sure if my dad was lying, or if he was actually crazy.

"So you're telling me that, the Salamander lives in a castle? I'm sorry did I miss something?" My dad just sighed loudly, making me feel like an idiot.

"Gray, the Salamander is a beast. He's part dragon part human." Well color me an idiot.

"If he's part dragon, why is he called Salamander? Why not just call him Fire Lord Dragneel or something?" My dad sighed again, you might as well put me in a dunce cap at this point.

"We call him Salamander because it's a degrading term. Now son before I send to off to go save Princess Heartfilia there are some things you should know. First of all, the Salamander is quite the force to be reckoned with, most of my men haven't even seen him, all they were able to see was fire. Which brings us to the second thing you should know, armor will not protect you, the Salamander uses fire magic. I wouldn't recommend you directly attacking him but I know you can counter his magic with yours."

Wow, my dad is so smart let's send an ice wizard to take out a fire wizard! I'm sorry but I feel like that is some flawed logic.

"I wasn't plan on wearing armor anyway, it just slows me down." Well that and I'll only be wearing it for two seconds before I'm in my underwear.

"Gray, I can see it in your eyes that you're thinking sarcastically but please stay focused. I'm trusting you- no two whole kingdoms are trusting you to bring Princess Heartfilia back safely. Do you think you can do that?" He's doing the guilt trip, looks like it's time... To run!

"Yes dad I'm sure I can save Lucy-" My dad interrupted me by coughing, so discreet dad. "I mean Princess Lucy." This is one of the many reasons I didn't want to get stuck in a forced marriage with a girl in the first place.

"Well in that case I think you're ready, your mother is waiting in your room. Make sure you say goodbye, and then begin your preparations, you'll be leaving tomorrow." There was nothing left to say so I left without another word.


On the way to my room I mentally prepared myself for the surplus of hugs and "Don't dies" I was about to get from my mom. I sighed as I grabbed the handle to my room, hopefully my mom will only crush me half to death.

"Gray!" Here we go, I didn't even have time to respond before I was crushed into a hug. It's a good thing I can still breathe, oh wait.

"M-Mom... Can't b-breathe." She seemed to get the message since she let go, I was left on the floor sucking in as much oxygen as humanly possible.

"I'm sorry Gray. It's just... This is the first time you're truly going to leave the kingdom. A mother has the right to worry doesn't she?" I internally groaned my mom looked like she was getting emotional.

"You're right, you do have the right to worry about your son. Although asphyxiation might not be the best way to do that." I heard my mom giggle, yes! Gray: 1 Female Hormones: 0.

"Well now that I've overwhelmed you with motherly affection you should probably get ready to go huh? I won't bother you anymore, if you want to find me I'll be in the stables. I'll take care of Haru so you don't have to worry about him, just take care of the rest of your preparations. Okay honey?" Yes my horse is named Haru, I didn't pick his name so shut up.

"Alright mom I'll see you later."

"Same to you Gray." With that said I walked out, might as well get preparations started now right?


(A/N) I feel like it took me way to long to write this chapter. We got to see Gray's behavior around his parents so that's fun, we also saw his feelings on arranged marriages. Anyways I'll see you all next chapter!

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