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Lost in the Woods by WildRhov
Lost in the Woodsby Rhov
Separated from the team, Natsu and Gray roam some enchanted woods, desperate to get back before they kill one another ... or worse, before they fall for each other!
Gratsu/Natray One-Shots by EnderWolfQueen
Gratsu/Natray One-Shotsby Endoura WolfQueen
This is where I write my Gratsu and Natray one-shots if you have any requests go right ahead and voice them. But I will say one thing I don't do lemons. Maybe limes bu...
Natray by Sim_ilar_ly
Natrayby Sim_ilar_ly
Hi, this is a mating season au where Natsu and Gray will have have to come out to the guild along with several others and Gray has some really shocking news besides the...
Just A Little Love by LunarNix
Just A Little Loveby lunarmochiii
I couldn't see anything past the mask, just the heartbreaking cries of my lover on one side and the long since quiet of my brother. It was all I could do to keep sane wh...
Gratsu Oneshots by _prettysatan_
Gratsu Oneshotsby Goodness Gayness
**AS OF FEBRUARY 2021 I'VE BEEN CONSIDERING TO DELETE THIS STORY. SEE LAST CHAPTER FOR DETAILS** I call it Gratsu one shots, but I'll sprinkle in Natray Don't worry, I c...
Melting Gray [Gratsu] by hanlovespasta
Melting Gray [Gratsu]by han!! ☆
Senior year can mean lots of things for people. For Natsu, it simply means turning over a new leaf - not letting his past define his happiness, actually attempting to ge...
A Frozen Facade- A Gratsu Fanfiction. by Cupcakes20040
A Frozen Facade- A Gratsu -CupcakeDoesFanFiction-
All rights reserved! /-/-/ After a long day at the guild Gray made his way back home, however Gray didn't arrive home that night. Due to an unexpected battle which let h...
Ships one shots Book 2! (EDITED!) by cathy12799
Ships one shots Book 2! (EDITED!)by cathy12799
One shots and small stories about my fave ships! Gratsu/Natray, Stingue, Fraxus, and others!? Enjoy!?
A Rivalry to Last || Natray / Gratsu by FanaticShipper07
A Rivalry to Last || Natray / FanaticShipper07
With summer melting the guildmembers, Team Natsu, minus Lucy, head off to somewhere cooler. Maybe a mission will take their mind off things, but could it bring new thoug...
Frozen Heart (Gratsu) by YellowMeerkat
Frozen Heart (Gratsu)by YellowMeerkat
Gray was captured by a group of thieves who planted a dragon slayer lacrima in him. Gray struggles to become an ice dragon slayer but thankfully Natsu wants to help him...
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Is Your Heart Colder Than Mine? by AloisFangirl06
Is Your Heart Colder Than Mine?by UkeCaesarZeppeli
[NOT FINISHED] This is a Gratsu/Natray story. WARNING: It has a lot of angst, and some smut. Anyway the plot! I suppose: Makarov scheduled a day, where everyone in the...
Fairy Tail Oneshots  by dreamhelpme
Fairy Tail Oneshots by boohoo cracker
Natsu X Sting Natsu X Gray Natsu X Rogue Natsu X Laxus Natsu X Gajeel Natsu X Anyone you want! ? Sting X Rogue °Requests opened°
Natray/Gratsu oneshots!!!(taking request now!!) by anime_girl2
Natray/Gratsu oneshots!!!(taking anime_girl2
One shots of Natray/Gratsu and I take request/ short prompts as well...
The Dragon's Law by memo-ruru
The Dragon's Lawby Prince Memo
Fairy Tail: the most boisterous guild around Fiore suddenly found themselves face to face again with Acnologia along with the other guilds. They are doing everything the...
The Light to My Dark {A Gratsu Story} by SakaDaCocka
The Light to My Dark {A Gratsu ❤Sasha-senpai❤
"I always dreamed and wished that the world would be perfect. I wished that I could have my family back, my old life, my happiness. Actually scratch that one I ha...
My Little Dragon {Holiday Gratsu/ Natray Fanfictions} by SakaDaCocka
My Little Dragon {Holiday ❤Sasha-senpai❤
This is a little collection I am going to make that will have a few small Gratsu fanfictions. They will all be related to Halloween/Christmas/Other Holidays so if you d...
{DISCONTINUED} Gratsu One-Shots! by Soleeme
{DISCONTINUED} Gratsu One-Shots!by Nari
Gratsu is my OTP so it was only a matter of time before I made one of these. I'll even do some requests if you guys want! ~~~~ DISCLAIMER: None of the characters belong...
Gratsu Week 2018 by mdelpin
Gratsu Week 2018by mdelpin
A collection of One-Shots for the prompts for Gratsu Week 2018 as hosted by the tumblr blog @gratsu-week. Day 7 Prompt Sun, is the last chapter of The Real You.