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I expected to walk in on The Salamander killing or maybe torturing Lucy. But this was not what I was expecting at all!

"I didn't say that you had to stay in here with me you decided that on your own!" Lucy yelled at The Salamander. How was she not scared? I thought that's how the Prince saves the Princess stories always worked?

"You tried to escape! How am I supposed to get my money if you leave!" The Salamander roared. Wait, money?

"What money?" I shouldn't have said that out loud because two pairs of eyes turned towards me.

"Ah, Gray you're finally here!" Happiness was practically radiating off of Lucy. If she tries to kiss me I might actually punch her.

"This is the guy who's gonna save you?! Oh man... I'm sorry but... He's not even wearing freaking armor! He's gonna kill me? Ha!" I'm surprised he said that much since he was about to topple over in laughter.

"Tch, and you're the scary Salamander that everyone fears? Talk about over hyped." I guess no one had ever insulted him because he immediately tackled me. Anger issues much?

"I could break your neck if I wanted to, don't test me Pretty Boy." The fire burning in his eyes definitely startled me but I was a little distracted by the 'Pretty Boy' comment. Before I could question it he stood up and walked over to Lucy.

"If you want your precious fiancé back you better fork over 100,00 Jewel." Wait what?! I thought I just had to kill him or something!

"What?! You said it would only be 50,000 Jewel when I first got here!" He immediately sent Lucy a glare that shut her up really quickly.

"Well it was, but they're paying me extra for putting up with your damn talking this whole time!" Salamander sneered, if the situation was different i would've noticed how attractive he sounded.

"I don't have any money." I stated with a glare as I slowly sat up. I saw him release what I assume was a fake sigh.

"I guess I'll just kill her then." He practically cooed as he clamped a hand over her throat. He just had to be behind her, how was I supposed to kill him? I had to think fast or she'd be dead and I'd be banished or murdered by her father.

"W-Wait!" I practically screamed. Lucy took in multiple gulps of air once the Salamander released his death grip on her throat.

"What?" He groaned. I must truly be stupid to think that bargaining is a good idea with a half dragon humanoid.

"I'll take her place." The smirk that instantly appeared on his face made me want to run away, but I had to stand my ground.

"Fine." He replied as he freed Lucy of her bonds. "Oh and take his horse with you sweetheart. Wouldn't want him escaping." I was going to question how he knew about my horse but decided against it, I was about to die anyway.

Lucy sent me a sorrowful glance as she ran out of the room. I had no time to wrap my head around the fact that I was about to die, since the Salamander threw me against a wall and held a hand against my throat.

"End of the line Pretty Boy." And then everything went black.


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