Stupid Decisions

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(A/N) Okay so I'm really excited to write this fanfic and I hope you guys are excited to read it! Anyway this whole chapter will be in Gray's POV so on with the story!


I sighed as my mom kept talking to me while she paced back and forth. I probably should've been listening but it stopped sounding like words after she said 'Gray I need to talk to you...'

"Gray! Are you even listening to me?" I flinched when my mom slammed her hands on the table. "I'll take that as a no, look Gray, I really need you to pay attention! Your dad is going to be back soon and I hear he has something important to discuss with you." I saw my mom's worried expression and I immediately lost all the defiance I had.

"Okay mom I'm listening, please explain again." I groaned internally as I spoke because this time I was actually going to force myself to listen to her.

"Thank you Gray, so as I was saying, Gray you're eighteen. This is the age where men like to start showing their strength by going on dangerous and stupid quests to prove they are heroic enough to protect their kingdoms. I believe that when your dad returns he's going to try and get you to go on a quest to prove that you are eligible to be the next king. So Gray I'm begging you, if you truly love your mother you will not go on a quest that gets you killed." I couldn't help but chuckle slightly at my mom's speech. Was she really that worried that I was gonna throw my life away because my dad told me to?

"Mom listen to me, just because dad wants me to prove that I should be the next king doesn't mean I'm gonna die just so I can be known as a "hero" or whatever. If dad does demand that I go on a quest I'll just go on one that doesn't put my life at stake." I gave my mom a comforting hug to show her that I was gonna be fine, although there was a sinking feeling in my gut that said otherwise.


"Gray, your father wants to see you." I heard my mom's shaky voice call out to me, she was clearly still stressed that I, her only child, might die. I simply nodded my head and then walked into the throne room.

"Hello father, I'm glad to see you made it home alive. How was your meeting?" I said monotonously, I was completely disinterested in the topic but my dad was always thrilled whenever I asked.

"I'm glad you asked son, so I'm sure you're aware that our closest ally is the kingdom of Acalypha. Well at the meeting Jude Heartfilia, the king of Acalypha, informed us that his daughter Lucy, your fiancé, was kidnapped by none other than the Salamander. Since you are of age I told everyone that my son would be the one to rescue his fiancé, so what do you say Gray?" I scrunched up my nose, for some reason it always bothered me when my dad called me by my name. I knew if I said no the kingdom would riot and I would shame my dad, but if I said yes I knew my survival rate wouldn't be greater than fifty percent.

After a few minutes of contemplation I finally decided. "Okay dad." Yup, I was going to die.

(A/N) I'll try to update as quick as I can with this so you guys won't have to wait forever! I really hope you guys liked this chapter, let me know what you think! I'll see you in the next chapter! Bye Bye!

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