Chapter Two

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"Do you know how long this bus ride is?" I shake Paige from her nap.
She groans and sleepily murmurs, "I don't know."
Dammit. I really want to know, I am losing my patience. Considering, I have low running patience and have my whole life. I'm about to tap the girl with orange hair and freckles ahead of us, before the curly-haired boy whispers to me and leans over to my side, "The bus will arrive to our campsite in about an 1 hour or so."

How did he know I was looking for the time? The boy read my mind as he chuckled and his dimples became visible. "I'm not a stocker I swear. I just overheard your conversation with your sleepy friend over there." He paused and looked down and then put his hand out, "I'm Harry."

I laughed and smiled as I accepted his hand and shook it quickly. I turned the other way to look out the window as I remembered I didn't introduce myself.

Stupid me. I'll just do it later, because to be honest, I was extremely fatigue myself. It took me around, I'd say, 15 minutes to fall asleep because of all the loud noises coming from the front of the vehicle and I would go up there and shout at them to be quiet if I could, but that of course would not be a good first impression.


I wake up with a jolt, my eyes flutter open barely. Paige is now awake and shaking me and whispering quite loudly in fact. I sit up and put my thick hair in a ponytail and look out the clear, translucent, rectangular window.

"Fat ass, pssst, wake up!"'I hear Paige say over the excited teenagers in the bus.
"I'm up already, God" I shush her and roll my eyes.

"Good afternoon morons, I'm just kidding." A lady says maybe a few years older, "I am your main counsellor here at this camp. This is to inform you, that we have exactly 5 more minutes until, we arrive." She finishes and sits down at the front of the bus and takes a sip of her coffee. I look at her structure and notice the fantastic blonde hair she has and her eyes are blue and crystal. Wow, would I ever dream to be like that.

"Oh my, I am so damn excited! Have you seen some these hotties? I mean, look at the with the brownish hair sitting a few seats behind us." Paige murmurs to me and we both laugh as I casually look behind.

Oh my gosh. Wow.

I sit my ass down as fast as I can hoping that guy didn't see me looking at him. I shut my eyes and squeal and then look at Paige.

"I know right!" Paige says very close to my face and then smirks.

"I admit he is way out of my league, he is yours." I say as if it were real.

Paige starts to pretend she won a gold medal at the Olympics or something when she starts to dance. Oh gosh. This is embarrassing.

I slap her shoulder playfully.

"Ow! Okay, I'll stop woman!" She frowns and pouts.

Then she gasps and opens her mouth wide and puts on finger in the air and looks me strait in the eye, "The one sitting on the other side of us. You can have him. Is he ever cute?!" she says pointing at Harry, the boy I met earlier.

"You mean Harry? Yeah, he is cute I guess. But out of all people you should know I am not looking for a relationship until high school is over and we finish grade 12." I sigh and put a hand on my lap.

"You know his name? How?" She looks surprised.

"He told me the how long it would take to get to the campsite, since you were asleep and didn't know." I laugh and so does she.

"Sounds like you guys hit it off." She jokes and chuckles and I smile back at her.

I glance at Harry one last time to already see that he is looking at me with his green eyes, Amusing to look at.

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