Chapter Five

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"Why not." I winked and that was the end of our conversation.

What the hell was with me today, did I just wink?

Yes, I did. Oh.

Paige looks furious. She scurries ahead of me kicking dirt form the ground and her long thin hair flipping different places.

"Piggie wait up!" I tell 10 feet behind her angry self.

She snaps her head back to me and her nostrils are flared and her eyes mad.

"Listen, don't you dare call me that, not at a time like this. We need to talk about what happened back there. Hurry up." She grunts and rolls her eyes dramatically and walks up the steps to the cabin and opens the door and leaves it open for me.

I walk into the cabin to set my eyes on a worried and upset Paige Gordon.

"What's your deal?" I ask her concerned.

She makes this weird huffing sound and looks at me like I'm an idiot.


"Why are you looking at me like that? What did I do wrong?" I step towards her and cross my arms, brows almost furrowed in confusion.

She then laughs, "what's my deal? What's your deal Zoey? Do you know what you just got us into to? We are going to a party with boneheads, complete strangers, oh yeah, don't let me forget about this one, mental patients!" She puts both her hands on her head in frustration and sits on the bottom bunk of our bed, hands on her knees.

Luckily, there was no one in the cabin right at the moment. Everyone is mingling and shit.

And then you have Paige and I, bickering.

"Listen it's going to be fine and I can see where you're coming from Paige but relax, just don't talk to the "boneheads" and the complete strangers and the mental patients. Okay?" I argue and hope that she comes through and will join me.

She sighs, "It doesn't feel right, if something bad happens tonight, IF I end up going, it's on you just saying right here and now."

I chuckle and hug her.

"Aw baby piggy, everything will be alright honey. I got you and you got me. And if major shit goes down, we get out of there as fast as we can." I negotiate with her and she nods into my shoulder and I laugh as I run circles around her back.

We part and I go strait to my suitcase, what should I wear tonight?

What am I supposed to wear tonight?

Just then, a petite girl our age of course comes walking in with her hand grasping her other arm and looking down.

She was very pretty, long ginger hair and many, thousands of freckles planted on her face.

She made eye contact with me and I smiled and she didn't give one back.

"Hey Emma, where you off too?" Paige said from behind me and this Emma girl turned around and smiled with teeth and damn are they ever straight.

They know each other?

"Oh hey Paige, I didn't see you sorry. I was just with a couple of friends. How about you?" She looked startled and it made me feel bad for her.

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