Chapter Three

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We enter the cabin and immediately
the cabin makes me feel nauseous. It's cold and every time I step in any direction the floor creaks.

"You girls have fifteen minutes until we meet in the cafeteria to get to know one another." Andrea says and gives a smile to us.

The door shuts leaving 10 girls in one room.

The silence was unbearable and completely awkward. Everyone had already claimed their bunks. Paige and I were on the left side of the cabin, cleaning out our suitcases.

A girl with olive skin and blue hair was applying pounds of makeup on her face, and the other two girls from the bus were still giving me a stare. The other girls in the wooden cabin were simply waiting to be called to the cafeteria.

Some of us just sat on the edge of our bunks for fifteen minutes, just as Andrea told us.

A knock on the the front door occurred and startled half of the girls.

"Times up! Meet in the cafeteria, please ladies. You'll see it as soon as you leave the cabin. It's hard to miss. Let's go!" She ordered from outside.

Paige and I walked side by side and made small talk as we walked strait to the cafeteria.

Andrea was right. You couldn't miss it.

It was a circle, large, yellow and red, made of wood, building. The word "Cafeteria" was written on a sign in front of the place.

We enter and the boys are already sitting at a table.
We sit as well on the wooden benches.

Paige is eyeing the whole room as if it's the most fascinating thing she'd ever laid her eyes on.

The muffled sound of a microphone gathers everyone's attention as all of our heads turn towards the front of the room where Andrea and Randall, and a few other staff are standing.

"Attention please," Andrea pauses and waits for complete silence among the room, "this is the part where we tell you all of the camp ground rules. Listen up!" She says louder and the microphone makes a screeching sound that makes me discover goose bumps all down my arms and legs.

Randall steps forward and clears his throat with another clipboard in his hand and the other hand gripping the microphone.

"So I'll first start off with..." Was all I listened to until I got distracted as I looked over to the table where all the boys had been sitting.

I noticed one boy was staring at me. Not in a creepy looking kind of way, but more of a softened look.

I had to double take to figure out who was staring at me.


What was his deal? Yeah, sure we Had a few conversations on the bus and now he is staring at me. And no, even when I look back at him he would not stop looking at me directly with his green eyes.

I decide to join his little game as I stare right back at him and his frown turns into a smirk.

I don't know why, but I was getting intense butterflies in my stomach. His eyes locked with mine and I smiled back and stiffled a laugh and so did he.

After we giggled, people turned around to look at both of us.

I didn't think We didn't giggle that loud.

"Oh, is there something funny going on you two?" Randall asks looking at Harry and I, obviously his anger building up because we interrupted his speech and all the rules he was enforcing to us.

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