Chapter One

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The alarm on my dresser, in my bedroom, alerts me to wake up. My shoulders hurt from the night before, and I moan.

It's 6:00am and the bus for overnight camp arrives in exactly 2 hours. I'd say that is enough time for me to ready myself.

My parents have left work, both being surgeons. My father and mother are both qualified plastic surgeons to be exact. The life I have been given is quite a wealthy one, because of the money being paid to my parents.

Someone texts me and my phone makes its notification sound. I'll get it after I eat my cereal waiting for me downstairs.

I walk down the steps and with each careless step comes a creak. Which one should be used to after living in this house for 17 years.

I know what you're thinking, some girls parents sending her off to camp at the age of 17. She should be working. But no, my parents want to get rid of me.

The camp I'm sleeping over at for a week is called "Camp rider" and honestly I don't know what I'm in for, but, I do know that I want those tasty cheerios sitting on the counter. I grab a hold of the box and pour them in the green bowl and add milk.

As I'm eating with the tv turned on to some random channel, I notice out of the corner of my brown eyes, a note.

I frown and lean over to the left and position the note so I can read it properly.

"Honey we are very sorry that we could not make it to say our goodbyes and our last hugs before you head off to camp! But we promise you will have fun, that is where your father and I met. Be careful and be extra good darling. See you in a week.

Lots of love,

I roll my eyes. Bullshit, that they care I'm leaving.

They think I am their little robot, yes, I listen to their rules and I'm what they would call their perfect-dream-child. But my mother Louise and father Wilbert, both love me to death but have a hard time showing it and I've gotten used to it. What else are you supposed to do?

I crumple the note up and press my foot on the garbage can and it opens and I toss it. I lazily make my way to the dishwasher and stick my cereal bowl in, and head upstairs to change my clothes and brush my teeth.

I'm about to step up the stairs, but I peek my head out to check what the time reads on the oven..6:32am. I've got loads of time.

I pull the drawers open and pick some blue jean shorts and a pink top and I grin. I actually don't mind what I'm wearing today. This thought occurs of course after me applying makeup on.

After I brush my teeth and brush my hair and finish packing my suitcase I get another notification sound from my phone. I forgot to check the text I received. I check and the person I got the message from was My best friend Paige. I hop on my bed and cross my legs and hum as I check the text.

"Hey girlie! You ready for camp-life?! Meet you at your house at 7:30am. Xoxo."

I suddenly get this rush of excitement when I remember that my best friend is coming with me to the dreadful place. I check the time again. 7:18am.

12 minutes until she arrives here. I took a really long time to get ready. Wow.

The clock ticks as I wait on my leather couch, watching tv. That is, until I get knocks on my front door.

I sprint to the door, almost falling on my face from doing so. I whip the door open and a smile attacks both on Paige's and my face. We embrace each other and then it's like at the same exact time, do we realize that we are making a lot of noise that could disrupt my "lovely" neighbors as we quitely laugh at ourselves and how ridiculous we are. We literally saw each other like 2 days ago.

But I guess we are just crazy. Eh.

Paiges long, strait, Brown hair is tied up and her make-up looks stunning and I'm immediately jealous. I don't show it of course though.

We sit down and start conversation.

"I am honestly so excited to go to this place, wherever it is. Imagine all the boys we will meet!?" She opens her green eyes and laughs and I do so as well.

"Honestly, as much as I am dreading to go to this camp, I am relieved to get away from this hell-hole." I shrug.

"Don't say that. Look at this place! I wouldn't be calling it a hell-hole sweetheart." She assures me and I sigh and look at the time again.


"Oh shit, we should get outside, the bus is gonna be here soon." I say getting up and paige as well.

"Wooo! We are gonna be campers by the end of this!" She high fives me and I chuckle at her enthusiasm.

I make sure all the lights are off and shut the door and lock it before walking down the driveway and to the bus stop.

Paige and I were whistling this song we learned as kids but couldn't remember.

But then we spot the bus coming down the hill and we aren't even at the bus stop.

"Shit, shit, shit." I say and point out the bus to paige and that's when we start to Sprint with our luggage trailing behind us.

The bus is literally ten seconds away when we get to the damn bus stop. Both us girls out of breath. Wow, am I ever out of shape, I think as the bus pulls up.

It is, in fact quite a large bus, purple and Windows tainted, quite intimidating actually. We show the bus driver information for him to let him know that we are able to get on the bus and strait to this camp. He nods and let's us on.

A man takes our heavy luggage and I feel quite bad I couldn't help, but I just entered the bus and strolled down the isle making awkward eye contact with people I would soon know as my "camp-mates".

I spot two girls who look strait at paige and I. I look back at paige and she is grinning already.

We pass the girls and then pass a boy with brown curls and green eyes. Quite magnificently put together in fact. I stop staring as soon as he decides to makes eye contact with me. Paige and I sit in the middle of the bus on the other side of the boy. The one I noticed out of the many males on the bus.


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