First Fight, First Rejection

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Before we get started her outfit for school is at the top.
Love yaa
"Hope. Wake up. Come on." came the soft melodic voice of my mother. That's when I got brought back to reality. I got up slob like and suddenly tackled him to the floor.
Then I slapped him.
He hissed at me along with "What was that for??" We both glared at eachother. "I think we both know the answer to that big bro" I got up and pat his cheek mockingly. I turned to go back to bed until I realised how late it was. "WHAT THE FUCK! YOU COULDN'T OF WOKEN ME UP EARLIER??" I was rushing around the room now.
"But your not a morning person" He said in a sad goofy voice and a pout. I stopped and glared at him. He ruffled my hair we a sly grin on his face before turning around. Sucker.
After I finished getting everything ready I sprayed myself with perfume and headed on downstairs. Just before I headed out the door I grabbed an apple and hopped in the mini munching on it. My brother started the car and it came to life. I put on the radio and we headed to school as I chucked the apple out the window
We arrived at school and everybody was looking at us. I heard a load of who is she and I got glares from girls and the 'Jocks' whistled looking me up and down but my dear old brother became protective and covered me. I pushed him out of the way and said, "I'm not a baby anymore. I can handle things my own." I turned back to them and said, "Staring is rude" Then some blonde came infront of me and snickered "So are whores. Just. Like. You"
"Don't say something like that about yourself barbie" everybody erupted into cheers and she screamed stomping her foot against the ground and glared at me saying the most cheesiest thing
"You just messed with the wrong girl"
"Incase I'm not a slut"
A lot of people were watching us and Oooohs came around.
"You better stop stomping your feet or you'll break those stilettos. It wouldn't matter though. When your not getting laid you stick them up your crack for pleasure." She looked at me for a few seconds before she said
"ARGHH!" She hesitantly walked away along with her group. Everybody cheered then went back to what they was doing. Then I went into the office searching to find my locker. The warning bell rang I still didn't find it. Then a pretty girl came up to me.
"Need help?"
"Sure. Hey weren't you the girl that kicked Naomi's butt"
"That's Barbie's name then" I said in fake concentration.
She laughed
"I like you. Come on"
We walked to the locker chatting until the bell went for class. I have Music first with Mr. Evans. "Aww. we only have lunch and English together" she pouted
"Don't worry I'll find you in lunch"
"Okay then. See ya" she ran off to her class and I went in search for my class. Just as Sir was calling out names I entered and replied with a here. We locked eyes and just then I caught his scent. Cinnamon and Wood. The fragrance I'M wearing considering I love the smell. I could see him straining to calm down as his eyes darkened. He had brownish green eyes with curlyish brown hair and a lip piercing with tattoos but he's so hot! Most wolves looked at us understanding and the girls drooled at the new teacher I glared at them and shouted "PERVING OVER TEACHERS HERE!" He smirked at me in amusement.
"You're late. Detention" his husky voice came
"No excues"
"Listen to me.. sir. I answered when my name was on register. Therefore I am not late" I pointed my finger towards his chest.
"Talking back to a teacher. That's a fair detention. Don't you think"
"Hah. Detention my ass" I said while plopping into a seat next to some random boy.
"I'll double it" He said through gritted teeth clearly annoyed I was next to a boy.
"I want you to sit at the front"
"I don't."
I think he's an alpha but in hell am I scared.
"Make. Me." I challenged
My wolf howled in pleasure and delight.
"Detetion for the a week"
Then he carried on woth the lesson
Lunch came by quick and I realised I left something in the music room. Lunch money. I went to go back and as I went inside he wad making out with barbie on his desk.
"Whore, Sir" I said. I was hurt my heart shattered and it was at the pit of my stomach. I wanted to cry and throw up but I didn't. I couldn't and wouldn't let them know I was weak. He told barbie to leave and she smirked at me.
"Enjoyed that"
My eyes welled up with tears and threatened to spill. As a couple tears fell he hugged me and tried comforting me. I pushed him away.
"What's your name" I looked at him straight in the eye.
"Xander Colt Evans" he replied
I did what I thought I never would, "I, Hope Mae Pierce, reject you, Xander Colt Evans, as my mate." That's it.. I rejected him and before I could see his reaction I fled.


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