Another 'Adventure'

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"HURRY UP FAITH, WE HAVE TO LEAVE!" My brother Drew yelled, scratch that, my-ears-bled-from-the-volume-of-his-voice, up the stairs. I swear one day there's gonna be an earthquake.

Right. How 'Ridiculously Rude' of me, should I say.
I'm Hope Pierce. I'm 18 years old and I'm a werewolf. Believe it or not we're real. So is my brother Drew. My only brother and 20. My parents died when I was 5 and my bro was 7. Ever since then we fled. My dad was beta to then BloodWood Pack. Weird name huh but we was the 9th most dangerous pack in the World. You probs wanna know how my parents died.. rouges. Surprise!! Nope. I guess it was expected.. I mean it happens.. How did we survice. We both got temporary jobs and paid for rent we also have extra money as we new the password to our hidden safe for emergencies and I'm pretty sure this is an emergency. Me after school and my brother full day and night. But we one the lottery haha. Clichè I know but we can finally move!!! I'm excited. I have nobody but Snuffles my cat and my dear old brother. This is a new start. I'm ready.
(Hope has Burgendy hair and hazel green eyes with a natural tan because her mum was half Thai)
~Her pic up top~

I zipped up my suitcase, making sure I have everything I need. It wasn't that heavy concidering I only had light clothes and makeup. I'm going shopping for when we get there. Doubling the excitement. I carried my suitcase down the stairs. Hearing the engine roaring. I expected my brother outside waiting for me. I took a minute to say my final goodbyes before I left. I sighed and exited the building speed walking to my brother. This is it, my Wolf, Angela said. I agreed with her then opened the car boot. I put in the suitcase and sat at the back to rest because we were moving to California which was 11 hours from where we lived. I went into a comfortable position and drifted off into a deep sleep.
I woke up to shaking and stretching. Drew was infront of me, once again, shouting. I mumbled as I'm not a morning person or someone to be woken up quite so rudely "How can a 20 year old have a heart of a 4 year old kid. The whole neighbourhood can fucking hear you so shut up!!
Drew just laughed. He looks like me but his hair is the darkest of the darkest browns. You could mistake it for black. I got out of the mini and stared at the house, whisper-shouting "It's huge" I was enjoying the moment until my brothet said: "That's what she said.."
I playfully smacked him on the arm returning to my view.. Welcome to 'OUR' new home..

I'M SO HAPPY I FINALLY FINISHED THE CHAPTER!! Thanks for reading guys love you loads ❤❤❤

-Secretly Her

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