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Outfit at top
I called texted Bella about the party. I still felt sick from yesterday but as if I'm missing the party. I'm not going school though Bella texted me saying she's not going because she's preparing the party. I offered to go round and she replied saying be round in an hour. I went to look for my brother. He looked tired. He smelled gross and he looks older than his age. I ran over to him and hugged him. I hated seeing him like this. "I'm sorry. This is all my fault. I shouldn't of done that" he looked at me and sighed. "You mean more than some lousy bitch. You're my sister and we've been there for each other no matter what" I smiled at that. "You better freshen up there's a party after school." He nodded "Thanks Dopey Hopey" I then acted like goofy from Mickey Mouse shit house whatever it's called. "I already told you son" putting on imaginary glasses right here "I'm Dope Hope" he laughed and he shook his head. I smiled and freshened up. Then I heard a car pull up and I opened the door causing her to fall on top of me. We burst out laughing. "Let's go!" and with that she grabbed my hand and led me to her house. "IT'S HUGEEEEE!" She nodded with a sly smirk. "Come on Dope" I nodded with a drunk look on my face, putting deeze glasses on up in here. "That's me" we both laughed and we started the preparations. After we finished we high fived and I headed home to get ready.
I was applying my makeup to finish it off to the beat of..





I applied the lip gloss and my brother burst through the door "If I wasn't your brother I would fuck you right now but seriously you're taking advantage of your body. CLEAVAGE EVERYWHERE PEOPLE!!"
I laughed. "I'm eighteen not four and its about time I attract some men and I love this outfit but I rarely get to wear it so making it last." he sighed "Fine but open the doors" "I won't have to considering I'm not sleeping with anyone" he shook his head and left. Just then I heard a beep of a horn and Bella who looks tipsy (ALREADY) screamed "GET IT BITCH!" I laughed at my physco taco friend and got in along with my brother. "READY PEOPLE!!" We cheered "LET'S GO!!"
We arrived and it was already a mess outside. Boys were whistling so I decided to step up my game and winked and a few of them. I walked in and lost my brother in the crowd people were making out. Drinking. Grinding on each other. There was even a stripper pole and a dj. People we're dancing on tables and playing spin the bottle. Dare or dirty dare. Etc. I went to get a drink to get tipsy and I smelt him. He was against some girl they were making out. I screamed to get his attention and put my bottle in the air. I got on one of the platforms and starting dancing. Slut dropping and acting sexy. Men started crowding me and I could sense his eye on me I was only a little drunk. I saw a hot fella and lifting him up and we grinded on eachother and I slut dropped on him. I felt his grudge but I was having a good time. He whispered seducing words into my ear and I enjoyed it. Xander was out of control and he was acting like the rest of the guys.. Kinda.. He was PIOSSED off. I decided to bring him up with me and electrifying sparks shot through my body. I started moving against him and every piece of his body make my body erupt he made me feel special. He moved his hands to my waist and whispered in my ear "You don't know how you make me feel" I smiled and looked at him "Let him take over baby" His eyes were a golden hazel cookout now and his wolf was kissing my neck. My wolf howled in joy. His lip piercing was nice against my lips and boy I felt like nothing mattered but us. Our lips moved in sync. He was my world. He squeezed my butt and I gasped slightly giving his entry to my mouth. The insides burned with pleasure as his tounge explored my mouth before I did. We let go and his lips were still lingering on to mine. It wouldn't go away. I smiled and sat down with my friends as I realized he vanished. He then came back and sat next to me. I jumped when our shoulders brushed together. "Hey your lipstick disappeared" I smirked and I knew he had a sly look on his face next to me "A bit of lip locking happened" Bella shook her head "I seriously love your actions" Xander replied "Not as much as me" I smirked.. Then a crazy but cute guy shouted "SPIN THE BOTTLE" It landed on a girl called Jessi I think. She got
dared to show us her nipples and she did. I elbowed him as I caught him staring "That's enough." I said through gritted teeth. Then Bella got dared to kiss Aden wish she did. Then it landed in between me and Xander "We dare you two to go upstairs for ten minutes" I took his hand and went and everyone did oohhhss. He pushed me against a wall and started doing things to me. I couldn't function but before I knew it he was on top of me and I was claimed. His eyes were black and full of lust "Mine." he said huskily along with the pain and pleasure of the bite. I let darkness take over me.

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