Chapter 19

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Chemistry seemed to go on forever!!! Every minute passing knowing that even if I peeked up the bright eyes of Cameron would be staring right back at me. When the bell finally rang I scrambled to get my things together. I walked beside Cameron to Pre-Algebra silently.

"Brooklyn!" I heard a voice call from down the hall.

I turned to see Alec running through the crowded hall.

"Hey what'sup" I greeted him.

"You got our books mixed up when we had our accident." He said

Just then I realized that I had been staring blankly at Alec's history book the whole time during chemistry. How embarrassing.

"Oh! Ya that's right I knew that!" Smooth Brooklyn just smooth...

I was completely oblivious that Cameron had been there the whole time during our little "reunion" until he cleared his throat and suggested that we had better get to class.

"What do you have next?" I asked ignoring him.

"LA plus then French. How about you?"

"Pre-Al then French." I answered

"Cool,I guess ill see you in 4th hour." He said as he turned


After Pre-Al Cameron and I walked across the court yard to French. When we got in and picked our seats our teacher "Mrs. Bergly" introduced herself and right away I liked her most of all because she was very funny. Of corse I sat by Cameron. Even though Mrs. Bergly was the best teacher, the hour still seemed long.


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