Chapter 18

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"Ring! Ring! Ring!" My alarm is wildly screeching its voice to let me no its time to get up.

Well, today was the first day of sophomore year. I had butterflies in my stomach as I dragged my body to the bathroom to see what I had to work with, apparently not much but I worked with it. I curled my hair and slipped on blue jean shorts with floral tank top. Next, i quickly did my make up and ran downstairs to get my normal waffle.

"Have a good day at school,Brooklyn!" Mom yelled as I ran out to the driveway to meet Cameron. "As if" I thought as I walked down the drive. Cameron was waiting on me.

"You ready?"he asked

"I guess"

When we got to school we got our class schedules. I was relived to see that me and Cameron had all our morning classes together. 1st hour we walked to art together but when we got there we were put into assigned seats.

"Hey guys!!" Calls a voice that is just walking in. I turn to see Avalin smiling back at me. Cameron's hand drops mine to hug her, I forced a smile even though I wanted to tell her off.

"Tomorrow's my party and I expect to see both of your faces there." Avalin said. I had forgotten about her birthday and didn't really want Cameron going.

"We will be there." Cameron answered.



"Okay, class lets get in our assigned seats shall we?" Mrs. Sellers asked

"Brooklyn Kershaw. You will be by Alec Shawm."

My heart sank. No. It broke.

"Cameron Ganer you will be by Avalin Brooks."

Okay,now my heart broke.

"These will be your permanent seats." Mrs. Sellers called when she was done.

When the bell rang I was more than happy. It had been ages watching those two giggle and talk... Watching Cameron being stolen.

He walked out with his arm around Avalin laughing. I started to run to catch up but tripped and fell on someone. My books went flying everywhere but I didn't care because I was staring into the dark brown eyes of Alec. He had blond hair, dark beautiful eyes and was dressed in dark jeans and a t-shirt.

"Oh um sorry. That was my fault." Alec said

"No it was mine I wasn't watching where I was going." I said

"At least let me help you." He said

We picked up our stuff and just when we got done the bell rang. Then we walked quickly to class together laughing. When I got to chemistry Mrs. Scholl told me to sit by Cameron. I grabbed stuff and walked to the back to Cameron.

"Where were you?"Cameron asked as Mrs. Scholl was going over the rules to the classroom.

"Being forgotten." I said


"RULE #1" Mrs. Scholl said "no TALKING"

We both shut up and listened. I didn't need a tardy AND a behavior on my first day...

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