Chapter two

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Thats Chris. Hes hot right????
- baby boo

Alright so Andy tried getting back with me but i denied him flat...

The next day...

"hurry up Mandy you gonna be late" my mom shouted. "im coming ma", Me and my mom don't really talk much. I'm more of a daddys girl....Anyway, i ran down the stairs grabbed an apple and ran to the bus stop. Luckly today Jason wasnt on the bus so it was a bit peaceful. I got to school and ran to my locker, got the necessary books and ran to class.

As i walked in i got a text from "Bae "
My Queen...
My King... i'm in class now we will talk later baby...
Ayt baby later...

Didnt respond to him because i was already in class. The day went by and it was soon afterschool. Lilly and i walked to my bus stop chatting up a storm. she then asked, so hows it going between you and my cousin??, Well...i said blushing. Uhm we good ey!! Ever since Andy stopped bothering me i've never been this great!!! i exaggerated
(truth be told i've been happy as fuck, but(yes theres a but) i feel miserable. I cant explain why im feeling this way)

So Lilly and i got off by my stop and went to my bedroom. She plopped on my bed and i joined her.
This doesnt feel right, she finally said, i sat up and looked at her. What doesnt??? i asked her. You dating my cousin!!! she said. I feel like if yall broke up it will jeopardise our friendship. She turned to me. Dont worry it wont i promise you.

A few days later....

Chris and i have been going strong. We have our ups and downs but we always get through them. One day i was at Lillys place for a sleepover. That day we were drinking codeine and Sprite(that shit is awesome bruhh!!) We were with Lilly's other cousin Brad as he was leaving i saw Bae come around from the corner. I was nervous as hell. Wassup yall as he greeted everyone,then his eyes landed on me i was blushing as hell. He kept on staring at me until Lilly said we should go in the house.

We got in and i walked as fast as i could the bedroom. I plopped on her bed and read a book online. They all got in and started a conversation. Chris couldn't stop staring at me. He came my way and sat on the bed next to me and looked at me. I woke up and sat properly and looked him in the eye.

"hey"he finally said to me, i looked him in the eye and said "hi" at that time im blushing as hell because it has been long since i've seen him.

"how are you???"he said to me" good and you???" i finally managed to blurt out because i couldnt talk i was mesmerised by his eyes..He chuckled then said"im good, i missed you!!"

Laaaawd jesus i just fainted at the spot...He was ssooooo perfect. Words couldnt come out of my mouth.

"i missed you too"i finally managed to say, He smiled at me. "really now??" he said to me. "yes really", i said smiling.  Brad finally left and Lilly, Chris and I were chilling in the room. Chris and I were laying on the bed while Lilly sat on the carpet

(dont know why thou)

" why you staring at me???" he asked, i couldnt keep my eyes of him ever since he got here. "your actually the 1st guy i can look into their eyes( i dont knoe if that made sense..oh well)" i said to him

"is that a good thing thou???" he asked. "yeah it is" i said to him smiling. " come closer" he said to me. I got closer and as soon as i was near his face he smashed his lips on mine. Like that was the most passionate kiss ever. Ohh Gawwwd. when he stopped i couldnt feel my lip i wanted him to continue. We stared at each other for a very long time till we heard someone clear their throat. We looked up and saw Lilly looking at us. " I'm going to take a bath" she said, "Okay cool" i said to her. She left and Chris immediately smashed his lips on mine. I could never get enough of this guy......

So after our make out session i stood up and went to bath while he went to smoke(Uhmm yeahhh he smokes) Anyway i got done and we were watching tv when he whispered to me" Go to Lillys room i'll get you there" He said to me. I went to her room and laid on her bed.

He came into the room after a few minutes and stared at me. I was extremely blushing as hell. He ce towards me amd sat next to me, looking into my eyes..."i love you a lot Mandy", he said to me. "i love you too Chris..."  We then had a make out session. After that as i tried to walk out the door he grabbed and light pushed me to the bed..

He started grinding on me, i wanted to stop him but my hands failed me. I enjoyed every moment he even left a hickie on my right side of the neck....He finally stopped as our breathe was esculating...

"Baby i love you a lot and your very important ro me" he said...

Ohhh my Gossshhh he said. hes loves me for real thim time

I love him to bitsss...................

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