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The Side Wife by kater1n
The Side Wifeby Katerin
Maybe at the beginning, there was nothing, but so much happened in the span of five years.Feeling were developed and the desire between both man and woman burned. Well...
  • sidewife
  • nottheonlyone
  • love
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Kiribaku hanahaki  by Disaster_Gay
Kiribaku hanahaki by Ty or Ash
Kirishima could feel his heart break as he saw Bakugo kiss Uraraka. He ran away as fast as possible and felt an aching in his lungs as he sat on the bathroom floor. He...
  • bakugo
  • hanahaki
  • sadness
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Svemislene misli by PinkyEmsyCat
Svemislene misliby Ruzicasta tresnja
Od pcele do slona Pokusaj poezije
  • notloved
  • falselove
  • fakelove
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Lost by --bones
Lostby 132
i-a fost frica sa il iubeasca. el i-a dat un motiv sa nu o mai faca.
  • notloved
  • hurt
  • shortstory
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I know  by YoItsizabella
I know by Rât Qüēeń
Sad short story or whatever you wanna call this
  • worthliving
  • truth
  • original
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A heartbroken girl by keshana55
A heartbroken girlby keshana55
Mandy smith is a girl who had gone through a lot of pain during her teenage years that she has even fallen into depression
  • heartbroken
  • mandy
  • notloved
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Poems of a Broken Girl by J_Kenzie
Poems of a Broken Girlby J.Kenzie
These are a bunch of poems that I wrote. They all are personal and they mean a lot to me. Thank you for reading.
  • selfharm
  • selfhate
  • hated
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Arranged by Viaaaa13
Arrangedby Viaa
Arranged to someone i love but doesn't love me i've been livin' in hell eversince we got married it hurts so much but he doesn't care when will i stop living in hell?
  • ıu
  • cheatedfacetoface
  • jungkook
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Juliana Agustin Story  by singlesince2006
Juliana Agustin Story by singlesince2006
_________________________________________ "Eddie stop your chocking me" I said. I can't believe my life has come to this my own brother is chocking me like if...
  • sister
  • notloved
  • mexican-american
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IF.... by latenightphilosopher
#10 souldead
☺COMPLETED☺ Its a simple one shot on people's regrets. he commited a mistake.. he caused her pain.. he regretted the mistake... he asked for a chance... but she commi...
  • baby
  • werewolf
  • marriage
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16th Birthday!! by Soa003
16th Birthday!!by SOA HAIDER
Story of a 16th Birthday about a girl whose life is disperate because her parents are rich and can't spend much time with her, even on her 16th Birthday!! Lets see what...
  • bighouse
  • rich
  • party
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(Not) Love by the_indecisive_bitch
(Not) Loveby the_indecisive_bitch
Marks doesn't feel like himself.... .....She's been having weird dreams lately. Bͮ̈̔uͨ̚t̽͊ͬͤ̎̂ ͭ̄̉̏n̂̐o͑ͩͮ̃̆͆ͦ͑͗w͆ͨ̐̊̎ͤ̚ ̈́͌ͯt̿ͪ̍h͛ͫ̆́ͩͤaͫ̒tͮ̚ ͋͊̎͌͐͊ͮ̃ͮy͒̃̉o̍͆ͯ͗͑u̎̓̆̀̂̋...
  • elliotkames
  • demons
  • tourture
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LOST by TorrenceSpence
LOSTby Torrence Spence
two little girls get lost in the woods there older sister goes finding them but there mom wont let the older girl go in the house till the mom know there safe
  • lost
  • woods
  • notloved
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Jealous jerk//e.d by livowennn
Jealous jerk//e.dby Liv🦋
  • friends
  • notloved
  • loving
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Just words by xXzeiXx
Just wordsby Zei X
they are just words that i was too afraid or weak to say so i decided to write them cuz, why not?
  • notloved
  • poetry
  • romance
Default Title - Write Your Own by 3picun1c0rn
Default Title - Write Your Ownby 3picun1c0rn
  • helpneeded
  • mysaddepressinglife
  • notloved
Me Against You (emotional) by iiJasmynnFleurii
Me Against You (emotional)by Jasmyn ✨
You said I walked like jelly, We laughed and watched more telly. You said you'll stop drinking and become sober, Yet here you are with another hangover. Yeah, I missed y...
  • goaway
  • hatredforhim
  • heartstruck
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DON'T. by _Typical
DON' _Typical
*Sigh* You could go ahead and read if you wish to but you're gonna hate me.
  • notloved
  • notalovestory
  • mean
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LOVES IS FOREVER!! by ThatGayWannaBe
LOVES IS FOREVER!!by Sam Johnson
hehe dedicated to my baby
  • itsokay
  • lonelines
  • notloved