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That's Lilly in the MM.....she pretty right!??
- the bestie

Back to bbm convo...

he didnt deny the fact that hes cheating on could he!!!!!
( i was crying as i was texting Lilly)
i'm really sorry Mandz. You need to forget about that fool he aint worth it...

I updated my status: Sad for days :(

Then Lilly's guy cousin Chris texts me...

(well since Lilly and I are close we talk to each others family memebers...)

hey are you okay!???
My boyfriend just dumped me :(
is that why your crying???? A pretty girl like you shouldnt be crying like this...this guy aint worth your tears. He was a damn fool to let you go. Was he blind or something????? Nahh he must be crazy!! No even a crazy person wouldnt dump a pretty girl like you...

(he actually managed to make me Smile)
and you wonder why i love you :*
but then seriously dear your ex really made a huge mistake that will haunt him for the rest of his life...i mean how could he dump a good girl like you!???is he crazy or drunk!??? *laughing* but then i think his crazy because a drunk person wouldnt do that...
M•A•N•D•Y• :
You actually made me smile and i thank you for that....
i'm glad i did. Don't mourn about him. Focus on the future...

After that convo i started to cheer up a bit. Chris and i started to get close. Sometime he eventually asked me to be his girlfriend and i gladly accepted because i was falling for him...

One day i recieved a message, i thought it was Bae but it wasnt, it was from Anderson...
Mandy i miss you and i mostly miss us. I want us to get back together. The girl i thought i proposed love to meant nothing, i just realised that your the one for me. Theres a saying that you only realise something till you lose it, and i just did and thats you. I want you back in my life, i love you!!!!

The girl he proposed love to denied him flat and he came running to me...TF!!!

so you only noticed that now!!??!?? Are you being for real now?!!! i have moved on and i think you should do that...

I wont rest till your back in my arms. I love you ad no is gonna take you away ftom me!! NO ONE!!!!
Whatever i dont get care atleast he takes care of me better than you....
i still love you and i believe you still do...lets get back together. We can go back to the way we were before please!!!!
i still love you but not like before, i love my current boyfriend. you need to let goo...
wow i guess theres nothing i can do to get you back but trust me if you plan on getting married to him FORGET IT!!!

Do i still love him????? but then noo i have strong feelings for my current boyfriend...


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