19. Where is he going?

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Aaryaveer's Pov

"What was she talking about, Veer?" Ma asked me once again, but I kept my head hung low in both my hands.

I didn't speak again. No response.

The silence stretched longer with the tapping of a few boots.

"Aarav, you better tell me. I know you both very well to know that you know it as well," she said sternly, directing her gaze towards him.

He looked at me and I blinked nervously.

He should say the truth. He should tell my mother how horrible of a man I am.

He took a deep sigh and began, "Veer lost a deal to her, and he wasn't ready to let that go. So, he bribed Nihal to bring her to one of his underground rooms. And he t-tortured her there..."

I didn't dare to look up at my mother, knowing she was walking towards me.

Her fingers pressed harshly against my cheek. I needed it. I really needed someone to slap me for what I did.

"Is this what I taught you your whole life? Even if she had not been your sister, is this how you treat someone? If you have a brain, use it and get better deals, but is this how you try to win? What happened, answer me?"

I sat there, feeling utterly defeated. I had let everyone down, especially her. 

"You know I even feels shame to call you my son. How could you do this? Tell me!" 

She raised her voice, her words echoing with disappointment and disbelief, but I remained silent. There were no words I could offer in defense of my actions, no excuses that could justify the pain I had caused. 

"I never thought my grandson would turn out like this. How could you stoop so low? She was only 18, Veer, and what you did isn't justified. Is this what you learned in the business world? Let me remind you then, that this world is full of such people and it doesn't need any more," Dada sa's voice resonated with disappointment, while my father and Dadi remained silent.

They didn't deserve such a son, or grandson.

"I'm s-sorry" I knew my voice sounded broken, but I didn't care.

All I needed was a moment of silence. Not to escape reality, but to face it.

I really was a failure, always. Everywhere, in everything. A complete failure.

My feets took me towards my room and I shut the world behind me. I shut off the sounds the noises, the air and the brightness.

I want to drown in darkness. If I could.

Nothing can earn the forgiveness for what I did. Nothing.

And once again, I have found that rare moment in my life when I want to cry. I want to cry if it could wash away my sins, if it could change the past, if it could change me.

How happy she would have been if I hadn't existed. Brothers are meant to be the reason for their sister's smile, but I turned out to be the cause of her pain. I am the worst man out there.

As her words echoed in my mind, I couldn't shake the feeling of guilt that consumed me. How could I have sunk so low? Was this truly who I was?

Questions swirled in my mind, but answers eluded me. I couldn't make sense of the darkness that had taken hold of me, driving me to commit such despicable acts.

My trembling hands reached for the drawer, seeking solace in the familiarity of the photo album tucked away inside. As I carefully retrieved it, the weight of my actions bore down on me, threatening to crush my already heavy heart.

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