20. Flying to Australia?

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Athulya's Pov

And just like that, he left. He went to a place unknown to me. He left for a duration I don't know.

I never knew anything. Never.


I was never your sister


Relations aren't made by birth, they are earned.


you never earned it.


Someone intervened to prevent me from delivering another blow, snapping me out of my rage-filled state.

"You've already won, lady. Don't finish off that loser," the voice urged.

Reluctantly, I rose to my feet, casting a final glance at the man sprawled on the floor, blood oozing from his nose, his teeth, and his blackened and bruised eyes.

I lost control of myself that day. The day he left me. The day he left us. Just a few days ago, everything was okay, but not anymore.

I never knew his silent presence would leave such a void in his loud absence.

He could have talked to me, to others. Why this way then? I could have tracked him down in seconds, but I didn't. I don't know why, but for the first time, my fingers refused to type on the keyboard. I don't want to intrude on his personal space. If he doesn't want us to know where he is, then let it be that way.

But I will wait. I will wait for him. I will wait for the brother who loved me, who truly loved me in those moments. I'm not waiting for Aaryaveer Singhania, I'm waiting for Veer. My Veer.

And if he can wait fifteen years for me, can't I wait a few days for him?

I know he will come back. He has to, or I will drag him back.

But when? I don't know. And why don't I know this? Why?

It's a relief that things have been resolved between Aarushi and me. Tears shed, apologies exchanged, and the weight lifted from our shoulders. If only I could mend things with him as easily.

Gathering my belongings, I exited Roger's Arena and settled into my car, which was few metres away from there, as Daniel started the engine with a nod from me.

Glancing at my hands, I noted a few bruises, nothing too serious. I could easily conceal them from Ma. Despite the physical toll, the fight had provided a much-needed outlet for my pent-up frustration.

But nothing can fill the void inside me.

"We have to go to the office, Daniel. Why are you taking me home?" I asked urgently, scanning the surroundings.

"Your mother told me to bring you home. She has asked to take rest today." Daniel replied calmly.

That's the drawback of having a driver selected by your family—they always side with them.

Now, what will I do sitting at home all day until night? But I let him drop me off at home; I just wasn't in the mood to argue.

I turned off the light and jumped onto the bed, blankly staring at the ceiling. My mind replayed my words. My brutal words. How badly he must have felt, that's why he left like this.

Why? It's a silent question echoing in my mind. Who will I fight with now over silly things? I was always alone, but I never felt lonely like this before.

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