18. Raw Revelations

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Athulya's Pov

"All this happened because of you," I said, nudging him with my elbow.

"Why not? You are the most innocent person here. What do you think? You'll reveal everything about me, and I'll keep silent? What was the need to bring up the girlfriend thing?"

"Kyu abhi waali gussa ho gyi kya?" I chuckled lightly but stopped upon hearing someone intentionally clear their throat.

(Why? Did your current one became angry?)

"You are deep in the puddle right now. Keep explaining to your family and think carefully about what to mention and what not to... I will find a way to get away from this somehow, but you are stuck."

"Shh!" I placed my finger on my lips, signaling him to shut up as I saw his brother and both of my brothers coming towards us. He pressed my feet, and I winced. "Ouch..."

Aha.. my feet.

"Shall we start?" Veer asked, and I nodded.

"Both of you will not lie," both the other men - Aarav and Abhimaan - stated to us, and we exchanged looks.

"How will they know if it's a lie or the truth?" I whispered in his ears, and he pressed my feet again. Dog!

"Were you saying anything?" Veer asked, and I simply refused.

"Where did you two meet?" He asked, taking charge of the interrogation, while Aarav and Abhimaan, being more observant types, watched closely.

The first question was like a bombshell. He could have started with something simpler, but no, he had to find ways to be cruel.

"In a bar," Robin answered, and I leaned back, closing my eyes as I recalled the exact day, the exact moment.

Before he could say anything further, the door opened, and his mother entered, followed by Ma.

"What were you both doing in a bar?" As he asked, both our mother's eyes went wide.

We exchanged looks and I nodded deciding to answer it first.

"D-drinking..." I stammered, feeling the weight of their disapproval.

He closed his eyes for a few moments, perhaps trying to gather his thoughts and calm my anger.

"Don't you have a brain? Don't you know it's illegal and unsafe to visit such places?" Ma scolded sternly, her disappointment evident in her tone.

And how did you meet her?" Veer inquired, directing the question to Robin.

"I found her drunk in the same bar," Robin admitted bluntly, with no hint of remorse or tact. He seemed determined to dig his own as well as my grave deeper with every word.

"Now turning to you. Why did you used to visit the bar?" Veer's tone was stern, the harshest he had ever used with me.

"For d-drinking.." I stuttered, feeling broken under his intense gaze.

"That's what I'm asking. Why did you used to go there?" His fists slammed against the table, making me flinch.

"To forget things.." I murmured, my voice barely audible.

"What things?" Veer pressed, his tone unrelenting.

"The things I don't want to remember," I replied softly, feeling the weight of my past bearing down on me.

"That's exactly what I'm asking!" Veer's frustration was palpable.

"Veer, don't push her," Abhimaan intervened, placing a reassuring hand on Veer's shoulder. I lowered my head, hiding my face in my hands.

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