16. Late night Interactions

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Athulya's Pov

"No, Vihan, this is unacceptable. Did you see how that witchy old woman behaved with me? God saved her, or else I would have smashed her head against the wall."

"Here, drink some cold water. Try to calm down and think rationally. If that doesn't work, put some ice on your head. If you will burn your brain at this rate nothing will be left." He handed me the glass and really want for the ice-cubes.

Where did I get this dumb brother?

"You are an asshole.." I shouted, but that didn't seem to affect him.

"Nothing new. I've heard that plenty of times," he retorted, unfazed.

"Here I am planning to make her life hell and you are thinking of ways to make me curse you. God knows what Chachi ate when you were born. Idiot!"

And here he just sighed. God! Don't make me kill him.

"You know what you are a shitty head, idiot! You can leave."

And again he didn't move a single inch from my room. What cement is he made of?

"Don't you ever bring my parents in between." His tone changed. He wasn't Vihan. There's no way he can be that dumbhead. And he left the room with a smash on the door.

I always hit the wrong nerves. Bad habits!

"Well, well! May I help?" Yuvaan entered while I was deep in discussion with Aarushi. Well, discussion might be an overstatement; it was more like binge-watching. Someone just hand me a remote and popcorn, and I could spend my whole day without getting bored.

"You don't need to ask, Yuvi, unless you're eyeing my popcorn," I turned the bowl away from Aarushi. We both were such foodies.

He leaned in close and whispered his plan to my side. Okay, I must admit, it was good. After all, whose brother he is?

"Just keep everything ready for night and leave me text " He nodded and I focused more on netflix sinking in the couch , with both my legs over Aarushi.

Is budhiya ko to aaj batati hu. Badi aayi chu-chu chai chai karne vali!

"Athulya..." Ma entered inside, and I quickly stood up, sitting like a well-mannered kid, as if I hadn't been kicking my sister just a while ago.

She sat beside me, and I braced myself for what I knew would be a long lecture on morals and ethics.

"She is elder than you, you should ignore whatever she says," Ma began.

"That's the point! She is elder and spreading such wrong influence. If she talks like this, what will kids learn from her?" I retorted.

"Don't be oversmart. It's just for a few days, avoid her. Okay?" Ma advised.

"How can someone avoid an elephant?" I muttered, earning a light smack on the head from Ma. "I wouldn't be able to survive any more days with that budhiya."

"Just for a few days, baccha. Why are you feeling bad for what she said? Did any of us scold you? No, right? We know she is like this," Ma reassured me.

"If you know she is like this then why let her stay? Why doesn't she stay with her sons and grandsons?" I interrupted.

"She stays with them only, it's just that she came for a few days to visit us..." Ma explained.

"And to create more problems in our house, right?" I interjected again.

"Her grandson might come in a few days as well. He dropped her off here and is living with his friends right now, so he might come here..." Ma continued.

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