14. Holi, Birthday and Panic

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Athulya's POV

My eyes snapped open at the insistent ringing of my phone. Rubbing the sleep from them, I squinted at the screen, frowning at the sight of Vihan's name.

"What happened Dumbass?"

"Your sleep happened, idiot. Are you sleeping?" Came his reply.

"So, do you except me to dance like Monjulika in the middle of night?"

"It is early morning, not middle of night. Now do one thing, throw that blanket in one corner, pick the bottle kept on the side and open it and pour the whole water on your face. Now are you awake?"

"Yes, now get to the point already."

"Meet me by the stairs," he instructed.

With a sigh, I rolled out of bed, irritation bubbling at his lack of explanation. Why couldn't he just be clear about what he wanted?

Finally, I reached there like a thief, not wanting Veer to wake up again. 

"Half-brain, it Aarav Bhai's birthday today" He closed my mouth before scream at his sudden arrival.

"WHAT? ON HOLI?" I almost screamed and he pressed his feet at mine to keep me silent.

"Did you ate a loudspeaker when you were child?" I hits his head in response.

"Now, I'm going to do something. Do you want to accompany me?" he asked.

Is he talking about pulling a prank? I should join him. After all, Aarav threw me in the pool that day. I have to get revenge on him.

"It better be a good prank," I raised a brow and he nodded. We both walked upstairs towards his room.

"Now, this is going to be interesting," he whispered, placing a finger over his lips as we stood in front of his room. Luckily, the door wasn't locked.

"Let me check if the coast is clear," he said, cracking the door open slightly to peek inside.

He peeked inside and pulled me in all of a sudden, his hands already covering my face.

"Ssshh... he's a light sleeper," he whispered, taking out some paints from his pockets. Now I understood his plan: two terrible artists creating one masterpiece. What an idea.

"I'll go first," he whispered.

"No, I will," I insisted.

"I said I will!" I stomped my foot, and he almost dragged me into a corner as Aarav shifted on his bed.

"Think wisely, don't be a half-brain here. Finish your artwork quickly, then I'll give it a finishing touch," he whispered, handing me the materials.

I tiptoed over and reached the side of the bed he was facing.

Why am I regretting this? It's just a prank. Well, I've never pranked a family member before.

I sat in position and started painting his mustache and wrinkles, freezing whenever he turned slightly. I acted as if I were the greatest artist of all time.

"Enough, leave something for me," he whispered, crawling towards me, and I handed him the paint.

"Nose, forehead, and even ears, I've left everything for you. You are such a selfish person, can't you give your sister a little extra?" I teased.

As I observed his artwork, I had to close my mouth with my own hands to stifle my laughter. We had truly turned our handsome brother into a joker. Poor Aarav. Well, I definitely needed to take a picture of him.

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