13. Bossing Around

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Athulya's Pov

These three idiots will take years to finish my project if it goes on like this. It's as if they're just playing with all the stuff.

I walked out of the cabin while they kept glancing at me, still mocking each other's artworks. Only Robin can help me in this; after all, he is my graphic designer.

"Robin Hood!" I barged into his cabin, causing him to almost hide behind his chair.

"Whenever you call me that, I get scared. Because it means you need some help for sure. And helping you means inviting trouble."

"Can't you take a little trouble for me, Robin? I thought at least you understand me, but nah! All boys are the same, all are trash," I whined like a kid.

"I can't hear, my ears are closed. You can go," he tried acting as if he is working on the laptop.

So, he is not going to agree. Then let me show who I am. Samajh kya rakha hai inn logo ne mujhe? Lato ke bhut hai saare bataoon se thodi manenge.

"Get up, Mr. Robin! That's an order. Remember, you work under me. You will do whatever I ask you to do. Whatever means whatever," I shouted, placing my hands on my waist while he stood up, looking at me as if I were someone else.

"In my cabin right now. I will explain your work for today. Until then, your access to the company's website is terminated. You will handle the paperwork I give you," I declared firmly before striding out, the echo of my heels resonating through the corridor.

"I want all the data related to the company today. I will not accept anything less from any one of you. So, either give your 100 percent to the company, or else there is the gate. Get out before you get thrown out dishonorably. Kyuki agar maine nikala to na izzat bachegi aur na himmat." I shouted at them, scattering the torn pieces of paper.

(Because if I decide to dismiss you, neither your dignity nor your courage will remain.)

"And prepare suspension letters for everyone, Miss Sinha. One mistake, and they will be signed immediately," I instructed with authority.

"You've turned this place into a jungle. Is this how you all work? Even a bird makes its nest better. I'm still restraining myself, so you all better shape up. Because if I lose it, I won't care how many kids you have or how long you've been working here. Signing some papers won't take much time."

As soon as the whole office fell silent, I made my way to my cabin where my brothers were still engaging in their antics.

"And you, Adi," I addressed him sternly, "you will gather the personal details of all the employees by midnight today."

"But, ma'am, I..."

"No 'buts'," I cut him off firmly. "I said it, and that's final."

"No one is leaving until my project is completed," I declared, my voice firm and unwavering. "You all will stay here with me. I don't care if it takes all night. And Robin, you will assist and guide them. I want everything perfect. No more messing around. Your time starts now."

Leaning back in my chair, I turned it around to face the window, gazing outside as they exchanged whispers behind me.

"Aashu, why are you getting angry? We can ask your professor to extend the deadline," Aarav finally spoke up, and I turned my chair back to face them.

"You can, but who will ask me to extend the deadline? I have decided, and it's final. It's either today or never," I asserted.

I opened my laptop, focusing on Crystal while the others concentrated on my project. The stakes were low, and the company was running into losses.

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