11. Through tears and teasing

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Athulya's Pov

It's been two hours since I arrived at their office. Neither of them has said anything, but I hadn't really expected them to. They're both completely absorbed in their work, leaving me to twiddle my thumbs and toy with his Doraemon-pocket manager, Aadi. It's funny how he doesn't seem to get annoyed, but then again, maybe living with some rather eccentric folks has made him immune to such distractions.

Anyway, being stuck here is a bit of a drag. I can't go back to college, all thanks to that whole ordeal with Abhimaan. They're convinced I might have hurt myself in that fight, especially considering I just had surgery a few weeks ago. It's the same old song and dance from a doctor's perspective, but it doesn't make it any less frustrating.

But if I'm being completely honest, I feel satisfied. There's a strange sense of peace that comes from letting loose and beating the crap out of some people.

"Bhai, are you even listening?" I ask for what feels like the umpteenth time, but it seems like one of my brothers is lost in conversation with his mysterious girlfriend, and the other is deep in discussion with his fiancée. Well, that's just my imagination running wild, but that's how my creative mind tends to work.

"What's wrong? If you need anything, ask Aadi," one of them finally responds.

Okay, that stings. He didn't even bother to look up at me. Is he intentionally ignoring me? If so, that's going to be a problem, especially since Ma is still furious with me.

"What's with all this 'Aadi, Aadi, Aadi' nonsense? Couldn't his mother have named him Ginger instead? He's just too dull," I grumbled, shooting a glare at him, but he remained unperturbed by my comment. He's like a stubborn robot.

"I will kick his..." I halted for a moment, finding a more decent word. " I will kick him out someday."

"Fine! Do whatever the heck you're doing. I couldn't care less. But don't you dare send Daniel after me, and don't even think about trying to track me down," I declared, rising to my feet. Finally, he glanced up, a hint of concern crossing his face.

If I had known that would grab my idiot brother's attention, I would have tried it sooner. What was the point of all that earlier ranting anyway?

"Ask Prashant to bring the file he prepared yesterday," Veer instructed before returning his gaze downward, leaving me taken aback.

He only looked up to assign that task to Aadi. Is he taking out his frustrations from yesterday on me now? This is so unfair.

If this keeps up, I swear no one will be able to stop me from blowing a fuse in this office. Let's see how he manages then.

With no other options left, I decided to call Robin, though he might be busy with work. It feels wrong to interrupt him, but I dialed his number anyway.

"Hello," his lackluster reply came before I could even begin, and all my excitement evaporated. I already regret calling him.

I should just say, "Hello, how are you? I'm fine as well. That's all I called for. Bye."But even my own tongue doesn't want to comply with my mind. How can anyone expect me to agree with anything?

"What's wrong? Why does the brinjal sound so overcooked?" 

"Everything's messed up. This is a disaster, half of the shares are lost, and this idiot still can't figure it out," I sighed, picturing the chaos.

"Sorry, I might have disturbed you. You can continue. Bye..." I ended the call, not wanting to delve any further into matters that used to be mine but aren't anymore.

I sighed as a man came into view, entering the same office with some kind of file in hand. Did all the boring people work here? What a fantastic workspace environment it must be!

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