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Season 1

Camp Walkers

I trained the walkers for as long as I could before having to run in the same direction as he did. I was just barely able to squeeze through an opening of walkers to get away. I'm confident he escaped, he was one tough man. Gives me the vibe that no one can kill him but him.

I ran faster once i noticed an opening, it looked like train tracks of some sort, there was a freeway just above it. I didn't see any walkers so I figured Merle might've found his way here. I knew he'd show me some type of sign. I slowed my run as I neared the area and something caught my eye.

It was the cloth I put in his mouth yesterday.

I quickly picked it up and looked at it, then noticed fresh car tracks. He must've found a working car.

I felt content that I was able to help someone escape the madness that is the city. I can return to my spot now and hope that no one else decides to handcuff someone to a roof.

I heard voices and steps from the distance and turned around, bow in hand and an arrow all ready to fire. I don't wanna hurt any people but I know better than to let them approach me unarmed.

If there's one thing other than flesh eaters that stands out to me, it's how uncivilized the world quickly became. If you aren't on defense at all times, people will not hesitate to rob you or even worse.

I've seen it happen more than once already. You would think people would want to come together to help each other, but it is the opposite.

"Hey woah now, put that down." I only saw the man in the sheriffs hat and a man with a crossbow next to him.

"Put yours down and I will." I kept it aimed at them, the sheriff reluctantly lowered his gun and the other one lowered his crossbow. The other two men were kinda off behind them so I couldn't get a good look.

"Where the hells our van?" Crossbow man questioned me.

A face and voice I knew all too well appeared behind the men, "We left it right here. Who would take it?"

"Glenn? Glenn is that you?" For the first time since that night a bright, genuine smile reached my face and I ran over to him and gave him a giant hug, checking his body to make sure he's all there, "Oh my god I'm so glad you're okay! I was worried you didn't make it out of-"

I stopped talking realizing what they had said about a missing van. Glenn raised his eyebrows at my sudden thought change.

"This rag was left by a man I met, names Merle. I told him to leave me a sign to tell me he made it out of here and this is the sign, plus there's fresh tire tracks over there. I'm thinkin that car he took was yours-" I stopped, pointing to the crossbow guy, "Right?"

"You know Merle? That's my brother." Crossbow man or should I say Daryl walked closer to me.

"Yes and that would make you Daryl... He talked about you a lot sayin how it was just you and him until some assholes left him tied up for dead." I recalled and slid my arrow back into the quiver.

"You helped my brother?" Daryl looked at me, eyes softer than I'd expect from a man like him but his posture still showing he was on edge.

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