7. Tender Moments with Dadi

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Athulya's POV

I remembered everything, everything!

And I just want to bit the shit out of myself for being so dumb! How can I trust that son of an asshole and more over how can I even fall for some photos. It's my fault always! 

If there was an option, I'd have given my brain a good slap for being so eager to devour its own storage.

I let him touch me, h-he touched me. No,no... why? Why am I such fool? But it means he knows a lot about me, he knows what I do and where I am.

If he got in my hands once, I will make him a living ghost. I want to see the same fear and pain in his eyes , that once used to be in the eyes, of an innocent 4 y/o girl. 

I made mistakes again, not mistakes but blunders indeed. I would have been happy if somone would have shouted over me, I want them to shout out at my foolishness. Because, somewhere I deserve this!

And even before losing my memory I did mistakes, now, I am enjoying my life here , why? No, I don't deserve any of this!

I am sorry Nidhi. But you promised me to stay by my side, didn't you?

What's done is done! And now I'm left with nothing but anguish and regret. I have every reason to be angry.  No one is justified here, not even me. What Veer did is something I can never forget, never. When I first learned about my family, it was all about emotions, but now it's about deep thinking and judgment.

Whatever, I want revenge. Deadly revenge.

I will burn down the whole world if it is for my revenge. Yes, I may sound out of my senses but only for my revenge. I want each one of them to pay back for each of my suffocated breath.

I just can't describe the anguish inside me.

But the real shock came from Vihan. Seriously, that duffer? What a contrasting package! I never imagined him as the Mystery Man.

And now he's the one holding my secrets, and I'll have to get him on my side. He's sitting right here, or I should say, eating here, his own nails. He's so mannerless, eww.

I took out my phone to message him knowing if I started speaking to him, this idiot will invite trouble aka Veer by his elephant noise.

Me: Are you in this world?

Vihan: Which one? The one built by you or by God?

Me: My world is not anyone's fucking territory to enter! Not a single a single breath is taken without my permission. Anyways, I was talking about the world you are rotting in right now.

Vihan: I don't have time for your rubbish, talk straight to the point.

Now, that was the man I want to talk to. It is not Vihan it is Mystery Man , or I should say Mystery thief. Afterall, he steals in his own house.

Me: Did you told Bhai about those things?

Vihan: What things, half brain? Don't tell me you have a boyfriend.

Me: Now don't tell me you sold your brain as well for that 5 penny of ice cream.

Vihan: Don't doubt my love for ice-cream. It doesn't has any limits

Me: Vihan paiso ki itni zaroorat thi to bheek mang leta, aise shakal pe ek chillar to mai bhi de hi deti . Dimaag bechne ki kya Zaroorat thi? 

Vihan: No timepass!

Me: Okay fine! Did you told Bhai about

Vihan: About What?

Me: idiot that was incomplete message

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