6. Reawakening Memory

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Athulya's POV

I groaned as I slowly opened my eyes, the room swirling around me. "No shit! It's my head spinning, not the world," I muttered, trying to make sense of my disoriented state. Where was I?

As I blinked away the fog of sleep, I recognized the familiar surroundings of my own bedroom. How did I end up back here? Was everything that just happened just a dream?

I shook my head, trying to clear away the lingering confusion. "No, idiot," I scolded myself, rubbing my eyes vigorously. "Quick, open your brain and figure this out."

My clothes? I looked at myself and realised I still have my clothes on. I don't know why but I am not getting a good feeling. It is suffocating.

I-I need my inhaler. I reached out to the side of the bed to grab it, my eyes landing on the bruises on my hand.

Fuck! Something is wrong. I remember he made me unconscious, but what happened after that? And how on earth am I back in my own room?

S-something is wrong. No, it's not what I'm thinking. My brain feels like it's bursting out of my skull with this pain.

Ah!! No, no...

I need to take a shower; it's getting too warm all of a sudden. I can't breathe, I can't feel, I can't see. What is happening?

Grabbing my towel and clothes, I rushed to take a cold shower. As the icy water cascaded over me, I felt a semblance of relief. I looked at myself ; my hands were full of bruises. Only my hands.

For a moment, I felt the overwhelming urge to slam my head against the wall. No, I scolded myself, resisting the destructive impulse. I can't let my mind go there. Did he do something wrong to me? No, no, I can't believe that.

I collapsed to the floor, the cold tiles offering little comfort as a tear drop mingled with the water cascading over me. Closing my ears to shut out the noise of my own thoughts, I allowed myself to be consumed by the flood of emotions crashing over me.

Surprisingly, I found myself unable to cry. It was as if the tears were trapped within me, refusing to be released despite the overwhelming emotions coursing through my veins. My entire body trembled with the weight of it all, and all I wanted was to find someone to hold onto, to seek solace in their embrace.

After the shower, I sat on the bed, scanning my surroundings for any clues, but there was nothing aside from the shawl Bhai had given me. I cursed myself for being so foolish. How could I have trusted a stranger so easily?

In an effort to distract myself from my spiraling thoughts, I decided to focus on the note I had received that day while meeting that asshole.

I need to figure out, about that note. What do it mean that I finally have people to loose? Is this my rival? Woah! I have rivals at the age of 18, now that's what you call an achievement. You have rivals and haters only when you are good enought not to be in everyone's reach.

But I need someone who can explain me this. Someone, who knew about this rival. But who? Umm.. Robin! Ya, he used to work with me. Doesn't he? He must be knowing this. I quickly dialled him, placing my hand near my mouth to shut off the noise coming from outside.

"Hello, Athulya. How are you doing? Everything okay?" Robin's voice came through, sounding cheerful.

"Nothing's okay!" I replied, cutting straight to the chase.

"What happened? Tell me," he responded, his tone growing serious.

"Leave it. But tell me, did I have any rivals?" I asked, getting straight to the point.

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