4. Reckless Choices

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Athulya's POV

He picked a fight with me, out of nowhere. That's why I call him 'Sanki'. Why can't he understand something so basic? My past is all I have for an identity. Does he want me to be nothing?

It's just complicated. I can't make him understand, and he can't figure it out on his own.

Things would be so much easier if I could just regain my memory. I've scoured Google for any information about myself, but there's very little to go on. All I found was one news article about my accident. It said I was driving my car and got into an accident. Apparently, I was returning from some occasion related to the Shekhawat family. It's a new name I've discovered from my past.

And delving deeper into the Shekhawat family, I discovered their complicated relations with us. It left me wondering, why did I even go there in the first place? And where do the Oberois fit into all of this?

It was almost night when my phone popped up with a message, from an unknown number.

My husband? I can't be married! This can't be true but the way he wrote he may be knowing me for sure

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My husband? I can't be married! This can't be true but the way he wrote he may be knowing me for sure. I think, I should go. What if he is right? But still then I will be giving him a divorce right there, I can't marry at this age.

All of a sudden, the door creaked open slowly, and I quickly hid my phone beneath the pillow, closing my eyes and pulling the blanket over myself. Who could it be this time?

"Are you sleeping, Ashu?" came the hesitant voice.

"No, just pretending," I replied honestly, not bothering to open my eyes.

"S-Sorry for disturbing you," Aarav apologized softly, rubbing his hand at the back of his head.

Man, I said I was just pretending. What's the point of honesty in this world?

"Now that you've already disturbed me, you might as well continue," I said with a sigh, giving up on my act and sitting up to make room for him beside me. He sat down with a faded smile, his eyes betraying a hint of sadness.

"Were you crying?" I asked, my voice gentle and concerned.

"Me? No, why?" He feigned innocence, avoiding my gaze.

"Come here," I said softly, wrapping my arms around his torso and placing my head at his shoulder. Honestly, I loves doing it, this provides me comfort.

"I read somewhere that a warm hug can chase away even the deepest sadness," I whispered and continued. "Now tell me what happened?"

"First you tell me why you fought with him?" He asked.

"Who? That Sanki? I didn't," I replied, mustering up my most innocent expression. "Really, I didn't."

"Fine! And what were you doing with that knife?" He questioned, his gaze fixed on his phone screen. I tried to sneak a peek, but he kept it out of view. He was watching some match, or so it seemed.

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