3. Blood ties fractured

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Athulya's POV


I was greeted by the sight of Yuvaan, Vihan, and Aarushi celebrating at the door. Seriously? A celebration for returning home from the hospital?

They enveloped me in a tender embrace, their warmth wrapping around me like a comforting blanket. Stepping inside, I found my grandparents waiting for me. Dadi pulled me into her arms, showering my face with gentle kisses, her tears flowing freely like cascading rivers of emotion.

What was there to get emotional about? I mean, my whole family is like this, crying and smiling together. I might need a lot of tissue paper for now.

"Dadi.. slowly, it hurts" I complained with annoyance as she kept kissing my face with affection , again and again. Oh god! I am not going anywhere, she can continue this later as well.

"Badmash!" She playfully tapped my cheeks, still holding me in her arms.

"If you're done, then let me meet my grand daughter as well," Dadu interrupted her.

"No! You keep your grandsons; I'm happy with my grand daughters and Rudra," Dadi retorted.

"This is cheating!"

"What cheating? You've got four grandsons," She countered, holding me firmly.

"Still! I'm done with them. Why don't you change sides?" Dadu offered, almost taking me in his embrace but Dadi didn't let that happen.

They are such a cute couple. Aww..

"No, Jayveer, you better keep your grandsons. I'm happy with my sweet girls."

"Dadiii.. I was on your side," Yuvaan interjected with a pout.

"Me as well," Vihan raised his hands in agreement.

"See, what can I do if the kids want to be on Dadi's side only," She remarked.

"I see how you've influenced my kids," 

"Don't get jealous; go enjoy your day with your grumpy grandsons." She smirked as all of us enveloped her in a hug and Dadu sat there laughing.

"Done madam? Go get some rest now," Aaryaveer reminded me, unable to resist interfering in my matters. I will have to do something about this man soon. He's irritating as hell.

"Yes, Princess go relax for a while" Dad gave me side hug, kissing my forehead.

"Shanta, please show her to her room," Ma called out to a middle-aged woman, who approached me with a warm smile.

"She is Shanta. If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask her. And remember, don't overexert yourself. We'll be nearby, but if you need anything urgently, your phone is in your room. No need to shout; just give any of us a call."

Wait, am I supposed to be a delicate princess? Seriously? I have a voice for shouting and legs for walking. But you know what tell me not to do something and I will make sure to do that.

I am sitting idle in my room, randomly playing with knife. Really, I like doing this as if knife is my toy. Dadi and Ma has came thousand of times to ask me to eat but I simply refused and I know they are still not agreed, they will come again.

Imagine, if I throw this knife straight from here how far will it go?

Looking out from the room, it was all clear I went to back inside to try. My hand swiftly threw it at the window, but I didn't heard the sound of it falling. Maybe, it stuck somewhere.

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