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I looked out over the railing on the second floor, taking in the scene before me.

Music filled the house, and it made the windows rattle and the drinks dance in their cups or glasses. However, the loud bass from the latest hip-hop song did nothing to drown out the murmurs of conversation and the peals of drunken laughter. There were teenage and barely-legal bodies everywhere, drinking, dancing, and snorting up their best party favors.

School started on Monday, and this was the first party of the year. It was a kick-off party to begin our senior year at Windsor Academy, a secluded prep school that catered to the rich, privileged, and entitled.

The very rich, very privileged, and very entitled.

Most of the senior class was already eighteen-years-old, but that was because Windsor Academy was so elite that every student had to take a year off before entering high school to study abroad. Every student destined to attend Windsor was part of an assembly line of little robots that were expected to take over their family businesses. So, for our professional growth, students each had to pick a country that would help their family's legacy grow, and that's where you went for your one year abroad. I had ended up spending my year in Italy, for a lot of different reasons.

Still, even though the party was occupied by mostly eighteen-year-olds, that had no bearing on the alcohol and drugs that were scattered throughout the house. Age meant nothing when you had money and power, and we had both.

All of us did.

However, me? I had the most of both.

My dark eyes scanned the living room and what I could make of the kitchen, and all I could think about was how old this scene was becoming. None of us had a governor to rein us in, so this was the norm for us. We had addresses, but no homes, and our parents were absent, though the money was never-ending. That meant that we could do whatever the fuck we wanted, and we often did.

However, as I looked over the rooms and the people, I realized that there was no challenge in any of it anymore. The girls in the house were half-naked, naked, blowing someone, or outright getting fucked somewhere, privacy be damned. Many people with money believed that their money shielded them from judgment, but it didn't. A slut was a slut, no matter what brand-name high heels covered her feet.

I looked deeper into the living room, then I noticed my two best friends, Deke Marlow and Liam McCellan, huddled up with a couple of matching blondes. As I looked my fill, I had to admit that they were hot and built like they were ready to party.

Still, my dick didn't twitch one bit.

Surprisingly, I hadn't fucked a girl in months. Hell, if I was being completely honest, I hadn't been between a hot set of thighs since the summer before my junior year.

I was bored.

I'd been fucking bored.

I was seriously contemplating just going back to my assigned room and ignoring the overflow of naked girls, drunken guys, and fuck music, but the fresh arrival of females walking through the front door drew my attention and...fuck me.

She stood out, and not just amongst the girls.

She fucking stood out amongst every single person in the place.

She stood out because she didn't belong here.

She didn't belong here with us.

She. Did. Not. Belong.

Nevertheless, I immediately knew who she was. Bailey hadn't been discreet or embarrassed to tell everyone that she knew all about the new girl's business prior to her even starting her first day as a senior with us.

Emerson Andrews.

I stared down at the foursome of females, and the other three didn't even register. Emerson Andrews might have appeared as if she was being shy or playing coy, but if the rumors were true, that girl was anything but shy or coy. She was a beautiful wolf that was ready to bare her fangs among the sheep, and if her demeanor was anything to go by, she already knew that she didn't belong here, but she also didn't give a fuck.

My heart started to beat faster, my dick began to rise, my mind started to focus, and my body coiled; ready to strike.

Emerson Andrews was a gorgeous mystery.

She was something new.

She was not boring.

Plus, though she may appear confident, that confidence wouldn't last for long.

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