1. Lost in the Fog, Found in Family

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Maybe many of you didn't read but in the part 1 itself, while posting about part 2, I wrote that there will be an update schedule.

It is - Thursday and Sunday

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Author's POV

It has been two days. Two days, since she is in coma, on a ventilator. She has everyone around, all that she ever wished for ,but she is not there itself. Doctors tried everything, they tried placing different things in her hands to sense them, but her body didn't reacted to any of them. Her brain was the main part that got injured in that accident ,but if there had been any delay, the blood clot in her brain would have ended up her life. 

In the two days since the accident, Aaryaveer had fallen into a profound silence, his gaze fixed on her motionless form with an intensity laden with guilt and self-blame. He couldn't take his eyes off her motionless figure, filled with a heavy burden of guilt and self-blame. Due to strict regulations from doctors, he was unable to be by her side, so he found himself gazing at her through the unyielding glass barrier. His emerald eyes mirrored a profound feeling of despair.

She's a stranger to him now, a mere echo of the lively girl he once knew. Words used to flow freely from her lips, and silence was her enemy. Yet here she lies, motionless, an unsettling reminder of life suspended in a body that feels strangely vacant.

Aarav has taken on the responsibility of holding everyone together since the accident. He understands that his family relies on him, and he can't afford to show weakness. Yet, deep down, the sight of her in such a state is tearing him apart inside. Balancing strength for his loved ones while grappling with his own emotions is an agonizing struggle he faces every moment.

Abhimaan took another look at her, and a nonchalant expression appeared on his face. These people meant more to him than just patients; they were like his own family. He knew how strong the bond was between his brother and Athulya, and he didn't want to burden them with false hope. After all, she had called him her brother. Despite his years of experience in treating patients, this particular case struck a personal chord with him. His hands trembled as he checked her heartbeat over and over, desperately hoping for any sign of response, but she remained unresponsive.

As soon as he stepped out, he was bombarded with a flurry of questions coming at him from every angle. Each query required a response, and some even made him question his own beliefs. However, he never forgot his responsibility as a doctor. Giving up was never an option, especially when the health and happiness of his patients and their loved ones relied on him. 

"H-How is she?" Swara walked towards him, her eyes swollen and red. He still remember all their crying faces.

"Fine" That's what he can say. Not a lie but neither a truth as well.

"You people can go inside, althought s-she isn't reacting to anything ,but still you can see her. I need to take some more tests of her brain, to clear some doubts." He took a deep breath, maintaining his composure.

"Doubts?" Veer was the first one to ask, as if finally a word reached his ears.

"V-Veer" Aarav stood up to hold him, but failed to hold his own voice.

"Doctor, are you handling the case of Athulya?" Before Abhimaan could formulate a response, Dr. Sharma approached him, holding out some reports for him to review.


"Actually, she took some tests at this hospital earlier, and a brain tumor was detected in them."

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